43 Custody Assistants Graduate From Academy

43 Custody Assistants Graduate From Academy 1024 786 SIB Staff


On Friday December 13, 2019, a total of 43 recruits lined up at the Eugene Biscailuz Regional Training Center, East Los Angeles in what would be their final platoon formation as academy classmates. After 8 weeks of grueling academy training, the recruits pressed through an equally intense and meticulous formal class inspection by law enforcement executives just before the ceremony.

The ceremony was a formal transformation of academy recruits into Custody Assistant civilian peace officers. Academy Class 102 is made up of 23 female and 20 male graduates.

Academy Class #102 is a largely international collection of backgrounds, reflective of the vast array of cultures found within Los Angeles County. Of the 43 graduating recruits, 2 were born outside the United States; 2 recruits lived abroad in the countries; and 29 recruits speak a language other than English; 14 have a Bachelor’s degree or higher; 5 have Law Enforcement Experience and 15 have Family members in Law Enforcement.

“To Conquer and Correct, Class #102 is here to protect”

Congratulations Academy Class 102 #LASD

(some photos credited to POPA)