Career Opportunities

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has career opportunities that fall into two main categories.

Image of Seven uniformed men and women. There are 5 people dressed in Sheriff's Deputy Uniforms: Tan long sleeve shirt with green pants and black shoes and black ties, They also have a gold badge on the left side of the uniform shirt. There are two people dressed in all green longsleeve Custody Assistant uniforms. Green shirt with green pants, Gold embroidered badge on their left shirt side.

Law Enforcement Positions

These careers include Deputy Sheriffs, Custody Assistants, Law Enforcement Technicians, and Security Officers.

Picture of a Mechanic Wearing blue coveralls. He is holding a flashlight and a long tool and is probing around the tail section of a Sheriff's helicopter. The Tail section is green and has gold letters that read "La County Sheriff".

Professional Positions (Civilian)

These careers include Accounting, Electricians, Food Services, Office Assistants, and other non-law enforcement related jobs.