Victim Representation at Parole Hearings

Effective, December 8, 2020, the LA County District Attorney’s Office issued a special directive adopting a default policy not to attend parole hearings and will support in writing the grant of parole for a person who has already served their mandatory minimum period of incarceration.

In response, Sheriff Villanueva has announced the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will support victims of crimes by accompanying victims, when requested, to parole hearings.

Support for victims and their families will include:

  • Letters written outlining the circumstances of the cases to the parole board
  • Upon request, investigators will attempt to accompany victim(s) and their families to virtual parole hearings
  • Upon request, investigators will attempt to accompany victim(s) and their families to in-person parole hearings

Sheriff Villanueva firmly believes we are not safer by putting offenders’ interests over the needs of crime victims #VictimsMatter

Read Sheriff Villanueva’s response letter to District Attorney Gascon here.

Read the details of Special Directive 20-14, issued by District Attorney George Gascon here.

How to request support for an upcoming parole hearing

Please review the below criteria so your request can be appropriately routed to the investigating LASD unit:

  • Case must have been investigated by LASD
  • Gather case information such as:
  1. Case/File number
  2. Location where the crime occurred
  3. Date of the crime
  4. Victim(s) name
  5. Suspect(s) name
  6. Parole Hearing information

Provide as much case information as possible in the Notes section of the “Parole Hearing Support Inquiry Form.”

For more support, Contact Victim Advocate Groups

Marsy’s Law Assistance – If you are a victim or a family member advocating for a victim, and would like attorney assistance in court or during parole hearing, email: for more information.