LASD Metrolink Bureau

LASD Metrolink Bureau 525 421 SIB Staff


Did you know #LASD Metrolink Bureau under contract with Metrolink, has the exclusive jurisdiction of policing all crimes aboard our Metrolink trains throughout the entire operational system. They are also tasked with the policing of the railroad rights-of-way within Los Angeles County only. LASD coordinates with local agencies during all incidents that occur within their jurisdiction.

Metrolink Bureau deputies perform a grade crossing enforcement operation throughout the six counties. They conduct a roving Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR)/Fare Operation on the different Metrolink Trains.

Explosives canines sweep the trains between station stops. The main objectives for Metrolink deputies is to ensure an orderly and safe event, to protect the welfare and safety of Metrolink patrons, employees and contractors and to ensure the uninterrupted movement of Metrolink and Union Pacific freight trains through the enforcement area.

Metrolink deputies consistently monitor and maintain a constant state of situational awareness and operational readiness related to the operations.

#LASD Metrolink Bureau is on board with Metrolink’s mission statement of providing a “safe, efficient, dependable, and on-time transportation service that offers outstanding customer experience, and enhances quality of life.”

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