San Dimas Sheriff's Station

(909) 450-2700
270 S Walnut Ave. San Dimas, CA 91773-2646

Serving the areas of: City of San Dimas, Unincorporated Communities of: Covina, Azusa, Glendora, La Verne, Claremont, Azusa Canyon, Mount Baldy, Angeles National Forest (State Route 39).

San Dimas Sheriff’s Station

(909) 450-2700
270 S Walnut Ave. San Dimas, CA 91773-2646

Serving the areas of: City of San Dimas, Unincorporated Communities of: Covina, Azusa, Glendora, La Verne, Claremont, Azusa Canyon, Mount Baldy, Angeles National Forest (State Route 39).

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Deputy Jonathan Stewart, EOW 04/27/2024

Deputy Jonathan Stewart, EOW 04/27/2024 757 760 SIB Staff

On behalf of @lasdhq, we are deeply saddened to announce the unexpected passing of Deputy Jonathan Stewart on Saturday, April 27, 2024. Jonathan joined the Department in 2006 as a…

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Station Parking Enforcement

The primary Mission of Parking Enforcement Detail (PED) is to ensure the residents of the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County are provided with expeditious vehicle movement to help alleviate parking congestion, improve the availability of parking choices, and to assist the communities in addressing all parking related matters.

PED shall protect and with fairness, apportion scarce parking spaces for all legitimate vehicles by insuring those who violate parking regulations are properly addressed through the California Vehicle Codes (CVC), the Los Angeles County Vehicle Codes (LACoVC) and other various municipal codes.

For more information, view our Parking Enforcement Information Handouts:
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Español - PDF

Each Los Angeles County Sheriff's Station has a Parking Enforcement unit. Please visit the Stations page to find your local Sheriff's Station.

Station Locations

Please visit the LA county Sheriff's Department Pay by web site.

Pay by web

Please visit the LA county Sheriff's Department Pay by web site.

Pay by web

For more information on contesting a site, please visit:

Pay by web

For more street services in LA County please report your problem here:

Public Works Los Angeles County

To contact the proper Sheriff's station for your parking concerns and to send an email request for service; first determine who services your address by entering the area location address and click the "Find" button.

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San Dimas Sheriff’s Station is one of seven stations within Field Operation Region III. The station encompasses approximately 276 square miles in its patrol area. In addition to serving the City of San Dimas, the station serves the unincorporated communities of Azusa, Covina, Glendora, La Verne, Claremont, Pomona, and a large portion of the Angeles National Forrest.

The population for the areas policed by San Dimas Station is approximately one hundred and five thousand (105,000), nearly sixty-nine thousand (69,000) in the unincorporated areas and more than thirty-six thousand (36,000) in the City of San Dimas.

San Dimas Sheriff’s Station is located in the eastern portion of Los Angeles County, adjacent to the cities of La Verne and Pomona. The station serves the City of San Dimas and the unincorporated communities of Covina, Azusa, Glendora, La Verne, and Claremont. The station also provides law enforcement for the Azusa Canyon and Mount Baldy areas of the Angeles National Forest (State Route 39).

In the summer of 1927, Sheriff William I. Traeger assisted in the establishment of the original San Dimas Sheriff’s Station to serve the fruit growers and poultry raisers in the eastern section of Los Angeles County. The first station consisted of a large frame house located on San Dimas Avenue near downtown.

On May 25, 1950, a new “modern” Sheriff’s station opened on the same site. On August 4, 1960, San Dimas became the 70th city to incorporate, and contracts with the Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department for law enforcement and fire services.

On September 23, 1987, the Walnut Sheriff’s Station opened in the City of Walnut (located approximately 8 miles S/W of San Dimas). The command of San Dimas Sheriff’s Station was then consolidated with that of Walnut Sheriff’s Station.

In 2006, San Dimas Sheriff’s Station opened a new station and it is currently under the command of Captain Don Slawson.

San Dimas Sheriff’s Station is noted for its outstanding Mountain Rescue Team, established in 1955, which performs technical rescues and searches in the rugged terrain of the nearby Angeles National Forest. This unit, located at 114 E. First Street, consists of highly trained and dedicated men and women volunteers and Reserve Sheriff’s Deputies. They currently respond to an average of seven rescue calls per month involving lost hiker searches and rescues of injured persons. The station is also supported by Patrol and Posse Reserve Units.

San Dimas Sheriff’s Station has a fully staffed Detective Bureau which investigates burglaries, assaults, and many other crimes. The city of San Dimas contracts for three Special Assignment Deputies who are also bicycle patrol certified. They provide specialized “problem-oriented policing,” which addresses quality of life issues within the city of San Dimas. A crime prevention officer coordinates Business and Neighborhood Watch Programs, in addition to youth and school programs.

It’s a proven fact that if graffiti is quickly removed, the offender is less likely to tag in that area again.  If you see graffiti, please report it!  All area cities try to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.  The following phone numbers apply to the areas near San Dimas.

To report graffiti in public rights-of-way within city limits, call the specified number.  Please provide the following information:

The address where the graffiti is located – For example, “125 E College St.” or “At the intersection of Main St. and College.”

The location of the graffiti (be as detailed as possible) – For example, “On the south-west block wall,” or “On the stop sign facing east.”

Your phone number – This information is needed in case the graffiti removal staff needs more information.

For graffiti found on private property or property not owned or maintained by a municipality, the agency, MAY be able to remove it, or they may contact the property owner with a request to remove it.

Graffiti Abatement Hotlines:

City of San Dimas (909) 542-2500

Unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County  (800) 675-4357

City of La Verne  (909) 596-8787

City of Azusa (626) 812-5253

City of Covina (626) 384-5599

City of West Covina (626) 939-8800

Railroad Tracks or easement – Metrolink (909) 392-4427

In the flood control channel, basins or washes – LA County Flood Control (626) 458-4091

Public school property – contact the appropriate school district office

Gated community – contact the HOA or property management firm

Private property, private businesses, shopping centers – contact the owner or property manager.

Dumpsters / Trash Receptacles

Athens Disposal (626) 336-3636

Waste Management – Any vandalized WM containers may be reported to 800-796-9696 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Annual Overnight parking permits are available from the San Dimas City Hall for residents who cannot accommodate all their registered vehicles in the available parking spaces on their property.

Temporary overnight parking permits are available for residents and guests who wish to leave vehicles parked on city streets between 2-5 a.m, can be obtained from San Dimas City Hall or automated permit machines. Automated permit machines are located outside of the San Dimas Sheriff Station at 270 S. Walnut Avenue and at Century 21 at 1100 Via Verde Av.

For more information about these permits, contact the city’s Parking Division at (909) 394-6210

The San Dimas Station offers free vacation security checks for residents.

While you’re away, a deputy or Volunteer on Patrol will check your home for broken windows, open doors, or any other suspicious activities.

For information call (909) 450-2700.