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#Throwbackthursday #LASD As early as 1939, Sheriff Biscailuz established the Sheriff’s Boys Band. Today, the band is made up of professional musicians as well as avid amateurs who travel the country to serve our communities through music!  Listen here!

Later in the 1960s, during Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess’ tenure, another band was formed with sworn officers as the musicians. Under the direction of the late Dr. Don Holcomb, and continuing under the baton of Dan Glass, the band has become a premiere concert band, and the pride of Los Angeles County.

As a group, the band has played for presidents, kings and queens. As the role of musical ambassador, they played in venues as far away as Sweden, Italy, Mexico and Washington, D.C., Ohio and Sacramento. The band has played for events such as the dedication ceremony of the California State Police Memorial and the dedication ceremony of the National Police Memorial in Washington, D.C.

LASD Band is made up of professional musicians as well as avid amateurs. The composition is diverse, hailing from all walks and stages of life. The 75 members are formed by active/retired law enforcement officers, accountants, judges and teachers. There is only one common goal —- a desire to serve our communities through music. The band will continue to flourish as it represents the County of Los Angeles and the Sheriff’s Department whenever it is needed, helping to build and improve relations between law enforcement and the public at large.


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