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court services training 1024 402 SIB Staff

court services training

Court Services, Civil Response Training, 02/12/2020, Irwindale

In our continued efforts to maintain public safety awareness, education and overall law and order, the LASD frequently conducts deputy and supervisory training to enhance our overall proficiency in crowd management, intervention, control and safety techniques.

Today over 500 Court Services Deputies participated in Civil Response training at Irwindale Speedway, in Irwindale.

The purpose of the training is to bring up the skills and abilities of our deputies. In the event that there is a rally, protest or some type of disturbance.  With this training deputies will have the basic skills and be able to intervene and handle a civil disobedience if necessary.

One of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD)  primary goals is the protection of the public’s First Amendment rights of free speech and the right to peacefully and lawfully assemble, demonstrate, protest, rally and/or gather to celebrate. LASD also has the responsibility to ensure public safety for all, in the protection of lives and property.

Sheriff and Archbishop Gomez Attend Annual Christmas Mass at MCJ 640 480 SIB Staff

Sheriff and Archbishop Gomez Attend Annual Christmas Mass at MCJ


Sheriff Villanueva Attended Annual Christmas Mass with Archbishop Jose H. Gomez at Men’s Central Jail on Wednesday, December 25, 2019.

Celebrating Christmas Mass at Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles is a tradition for those inmates incarcerated at Men’s Central Jail. Their rehabilitation presses onward as Sheriff Villanueva and Archbishop Gomez celebrate mass with approximately 150 inmates. This annual tradition allows inmates to participate in the holiday ceremony despite their incarceration.

After mass was celebrated, Sheriff Villanueva and Archbishop Gomez both took the time to shake hands with all of the inmates as they exited the church, spreading holiday joy. Many thanked the Sheriff as they passed him by.

Sheriff Villanueva was asked why this was important to him. He explained that we are not defining people by their bad decisions of the past, but by what they can do in the future, and what they can do from this point forward. He went on to express how welcoming it is to see everyone come together to celebrate mass and to see the emotional impact it has on the inmates.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department has a variety of increasing inmate services geared toward the county jail’s population. As an essential part of rehabilitation, the Jail Chaplaincy Program goal is to reduce recidivism, hoping to ensure a smoother transition of the approximately 16,000 inmates who will eventually rejoin our communities.

Through the Jail Chaplaincy Program, qualified and devoted individuals provide programs and services to inmates and their families, which enhance their lives during incarceration and support them upon reentry into the community. These services, provided for all denominations provide. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, “The spiritual health of those in our care is just as important as their physical well being. This type of work is indicative of the culture of our Department, and is the epitome of the holiday spirit.”

LASD Court Personnel Train for Bomb Threats 1024 817 SIB Staff

LASD Court Personnel Train for Bomb Threats


LASD Court Services Bureau Pasadena Courthouse Deputies and Staff personnel got the latest training on how to deal with bomb threats and suspicious packages in a courthouse. They also were able to go inside the actual trailer and see how the magic works. A big “Thank you” to Detective Mark Raffaelli from LASD Arson Explosives Detail for some good insight and great training for all our personnel.

LASD Forensic Unit Forensic Artist Sandra Enslow 150 150 SIB Staff

LASD Forensic Unit Forensic Artist Sandra Enslow


Forensic Unit Forensics Artist Sandra Enslow

“My father was a cartoonist and I am a cartoonist (first, foremost and always). Cartooning and forensic art have many similarities – to work quickly, capture a likeness, make decisions and develop an image…

The Department’s Forensics Unit was established 63 years ago in 1956, one of the longest established forensic units in the nation. Lead Forensic Artist Ms. Sandra Enslow has been with the unit for over 27 years, she is an expert witness and a Fellow with the American Academy Sciences. Sandra Enslow has assisted with many cases including the Trinity Love Jones, Phil Spector and Michael Gargiulo case.

Ms. Enslow describes her job as the most rewarding job she has ever had. As a forensic artist she is able to assist victims, witnesses, survivors, family members, detectives and overall communities.

LASD Inmate Visiting at MEN’S CENTRAL JAIL Impacted by mumps 150 150 SIB Staff

LASD Inmate Visiting at MEN’S CENTRAL JAIL Impacted by mumps


Inmate visiting will continue to be impacted at Men’s Central Jail due to several inmates being diagnosed with the mumps virus.  Currently, numerous inmates are quarantined and being monitored by medical personnel from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services-Correctional Health Services and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. 
On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, several inmates began exhibiting signs of influenza, as well as having inflamed parotid glands.  Correctional Health Services began monitoring the housing and diagnosed the inmates’ symptoms as those infected with the mumps virus.
As of Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 18 inmates have tested positive for mumps and others were quarantined based on their proximity to the infected inmates.  Those displaying symptoms are being monitored by Correctional Health Services.  The MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccination has been offered to all inmates in the affected areas.  Sworn and civilian staff members assigned to Men’s Central Jail were also vaccinated as a preventative measure and three Department members are under medical observation.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Correctional Health Services and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health have been diligently working to minimize the spread and identify any other persons who may have been infected by the virus.  The inmates who have been confirmed with the mumps virus, have been re-housed in the medical ward of the jail.
Sworn and civilian staff members working with the quarantined population have been provided with protective facial masks which cover the nose and mouth.  Inmates in the affected areas have also been provided with facial masks.  Quarantine and monitoring procedures will remain in place until Correctional Health Services determines it is safe to return to normal operations.  Vaccinations will continue to be offered to all inmates and staff as needed. 

Inmates who are scheduled to be released from custody will not be impacted; however, those housed in quarantined areas will go through a release protocol monitored by the Department of Public Health.  The Department of Public Health will additionally monitor them after their release from custody.  

The Department is working with the Superior Court of California-County of Los Angeles to minimize the impact on court proceedings for those who are quarantined.  Inmates still have access to contact their attorneys.

To identify if your loved one is housed in a quarantined area, please visit the and schedule a visit with your loved one.  If a pop-up message is displayed that your loved one is in an affected area, he/she is under observation (quarantine) until further notice. 

Correctional Health Services currently expects the quarantine protocols to be concluded by December 1, 2019; however, this date may be extended, or shortened, if conditions change. 

—— Information about Mumps ——

According to the Department of Public Health, mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus.  The virus is spread through respiratory droplets dispersed within a three-foot radius.  Symptoms usually occur 16 to 25 days after exposure and include swollen glands, fever, muscle aches, headache, and fatigue.  Immunity to the mumps vaccine wanes over time, therefore, some people may still be vulnerable to contracting the virus, especially in closely-contained areas.
The best protection is prevention.  The MMR vaccine is quite effective in decreasing the likelihood of getting the virus.  If members of the public have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with the mumps, it is recommended they get a booster of the MMR vaccine.

For more information on the mumps virus, please visit:

DUI Checkpoint 150 150 SIB Staff

DUI Checkpoint


There will be checkpoints in the LA County areas for the St. Patrick’s day holiday.