Child using a laptop with and Unkown person trying to message them.

Children Internet Safety

Children Internet Safety 900 900 SIB Staff

Please discuss internet safety with your children.

With recent school closures due to #COVID19 many children are using the internet and have recently created email accounts or social media profiles to communicate with their friends or complete school work & programs.

Tips from LASD

💻TALK about Internet safety with children of ALL ages when they engage in online activity.

📲Review & approve games and apps before they are downloaded… especially video, voice, and messaging apps.

🔑Make sure privacy settings are set to the strictest level possible for online gaming systems and electronic devices. You can use parental controls or ask children to scan their device as needed.

👀 Monitor your children’s use of the Internet; keep electronic devices in an open, common room of the house. You can add parental controls & google “vault” or popular “hiding apps”

✅Check your children’s profiles and what they post online. Make sure they are not posting age, address, phone numbers etc.

📸Explain to your children that images aka selfies posted online will be permanently on the Internet.

❌Make sure children know that anyone who asks a child to engage in sexually explicit activity online should be reported to a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult and law enforcement.

🚔Remember that victims should not be afraid to tell law enforcement if they are being sexually exploited. It is not a crime for a child to send sexually explicit images to someone if they are compelled or coerced to do so.