Approval of the Pitchess Emergency Vehicle Operations Center Project

Approval of the Pitchess Emergency Vehicle Operations Center Project 1024 683 SIB Staff

Sheriff Alex Villanueva Announces Approval of the Pitchess Emergency Vehicle Operations Center Project by the Board of Supervisors

The County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, February 4, unanimously approved funding for the Pitchess Emergency Vehicle Operations Center (EVOC) project. The future facility will be utilized to train entry-level and in-service Department personnel in basic and advanced vehicle handling dynamics, and evasive driving tactics. The proposed project would utilize several parcels at the Peter J. Pitchess Detention Center located at 29310 The Old Road, Castaic, California.

The $15,500,000 project will consist of, but not be limited to, a vehicle driving/training track, skid pan, new modular office/locker rooms, collision avoidance and pursuit track, track appurtenances, paved parking area, bioswales, landscaping, and relocation of Southern California Edison and various facility power poles. The overall site area for the proposed EVOC is approximately 44.5 acres.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) currently operates an emergency vehicle operations center at the Pomona Fairgrounds. LASD has used the existing facility on the fairground property for more than 35 years to provide training in emergency vehicle operations to deputy sheriff trainees and police officers enrolled in LASD’s Academy, in addition to ongoing vehicle operations training for LASD staff.

The current arrangement between LASD and the Fair Association requires the EVOC office to cease operations for approximately two to three months per year for major events, such as the LA County Fair and National Hot Rod Association. These disruptions to the EVOC training schedule limit the number of training days available to LASD and created challenges with meeting LASD’s mandatory training requirements.

 “I want to acknowledge and thank the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for today’s approval of the Pitchess Emergency Vehicle Operations Center (EVOC). The future EVOC will provide deputies with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate vehicles in emergencies while mitigating the many risks associated with the practice,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. “The Safety of the public and the effectiveness of our personnel is of paramount importance for us. This facility will assist the Sheriff’s Department in improving law enforcement’s driving capabilities and community safety,” he added.