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SEB Training

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Tactical Casualty Care Course (TCCC) training

The LASD Special Enforcement Bureau – Emergency Services Detail has been hosting basic Tactical Casualty Care Course (TCCC) training for LASD deputies and other law enforcement agencies. The course teaches lifesaving medical techniques that can help save a person’s life during a high-stress tactical incident.

During a tactical incident, access to the scene by emergency medical services (EMS) personnel may be limited. Our deputies often provide medical attention to trauma patients until EMS personnel can safely enter the scene.

Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Tactical Medicine/Tactical Medical Planning
  • Tactical Casualty Care/Tactical Mass Casualty Incident Management
  • Tactical Medical Equipment
  • Medical Aspects of Wound Ballistics/Management of Blast Injuries
  • Hemorrhage Control
  • Airway and Respiratory Management

For more information on TCCC training contact Sheriff’s Information Bureau.

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