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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Active Shooter Training Drill 1024 839 SIB Staff

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Active Shooter Training Drill

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Active Shooter Training Drill at Lakewood Mall

On Monday, June 13, 2022, during the early hours of the morning, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Tactics and Survival Training Unit, Lakewood Sheriff’s Station personnel, and Los Angeles County Fire Department conducted an active shooter response drill at Lakewood Center Mall in the city of Lakewood. Lakewood’s Mayor Steve Croft, Lakewood’s Public Safety Director, Joshua Yordt, and Mall Property Manager, Deena Henry, were also present during the drill.

Deputies wait for training.

Today’s event involved a rapid response by deputies, mall security personnel, and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The training simulated a shooting at the mall, and it incorporated simulated gunfire. Although the drill was an organized training, responding deputies were unaware of how many shooters were inside the mall, nor did they know the location of the shooters. To make it even more realistic, “injured” volunteers ran away from the shooter and towards responding deputies.

The goal of the training was to prepare deputies for an actual emergency. The realistic component of the training prepared them to successfully identify and react to threats and articulate their observations and decision-making process.

People are placed in make up to simulate injuries from an active shooter.

The men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department constantly prepare and train for active shooter events. In these unpredictable situations that evolve very quickly, preparation is the key. Preventing these types of tragedies and continuing to maintain a safe environment is a goal of law enforcement. If an active shooter incident does occur, you can be assured that LASD personnel will respond rapidly, efficiently, and decisively.

SEB Training 1024 768 SIB Staff

SEB Training

Tactical Casualty Care Course (TCCC) training

The LASD Special Enforcement Bureau – Emergency Services Detail has been hosting basic Tactical Casualty Care Course (TCCC) training for LASD deputies and other law enforcement agencies. The course teaches lifesaving medical techniques that can help save a person’s life during a high-stress tactical incident.

During a tactical incident, access to the scene by emergency medical services (EMS) personnel may be limited. Our deputies often provide medical attention to trauma patients until EMS personnel can safely enter the scene.

Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Tactical Medicine/Tactical Medical Planning
  • Tactical Casualty Care/Tactical Mass Casualty Incident Management
  • Tactical Medical Equipment
  • Medical Aspects of Wound Ballistics/Management of Blast Injuries
  • Hemorrhage Control
  • Airway and Respiratory Management

For more information on TCCC training contact Sheriff’s Information Bureau.

TCCC Class photos