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LASD 999 For Kids Annual Toy Drive 960 539 SIB Staff

LASD 999 For Kids Annual Toy Drive

#LASD Special Victims Bureau hosted an amazing 33rd Annual “999 for Kids” Christmas Party with Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services personnel and student volunteers from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

The mission: Assist severely disabled and abused children who were victims of the most severe cases of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence. For the last 33 years, children participating in the 999 for Kids program have been treated to a holiday party where they can find joy in a safe environment particularly designed for their happiness and which accommodates any of their special needs.

The Sheriff’s Training and Regional Services (STARS) Center was transformed into a holiday wonderland where over 500 children and 350 parents were invited to the Christmas party. At the makeshift North Pole Village, the children received toys, a meal from McDonald’s fast food restaurants, and participated in activities. They visited the petting zoo, an inflatable jumper, AKC Community Canines, “Bella” the horse, face-painting and much much more.

There were snowball fights and visits to Santa’s toy workshop to make personalized holiday crafts, and take a picture with Santa Claus.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising donated clothing, accessories, school supplies, and books to each participating family from their FIDM Scholarship Foundation’s store, located in downtown Los Angeles.

This awesome event wouldn’t be possible without the amazing volunteers helping us to make it special for everyone that attended.

LASD Metrolink Bureau 525 421 SIB Staff

LASD Metrolink Bureau

Did you know #LASD Metrolink Bureau under contract with Metrolink, has the exclusive jurisdiction of policing all crimes aboard our Metrolink trains throughout the entire operational system. They are also tasked with the policing of the railroad rights-of-way within Los Angeles County only. LASD coordinates with local agencies during all incidents that occur within their jurisdiction.

Metrolink Bureau deputies perform a grade crossing enforcement operation throughout the six counties. They conduct a roving Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR)/Fare Operation on the different Metrolink Trains.

Explosives canines sweep the trains between station stops. The main objectives for Metrolink deputies is to ensure an orderly and safe event, to protect the welfare and safety of Metrolink patrons, employees and contractors and to ensure the uninterrupted movement of Metrolink and Union Pacific freight trains through the enforcement area.

Metrolink deputies consistently monitor and maintain a constant state of situational awareness and operational readiness related to the operations.

#LASD Metrolink Bureau is on board with Metrolink’s mission statement of providing a “safe, efficient, dependable, and on-time transportation service that offers outstanding customer experience, and enhances quality of life.”

For more information on Metrolink Trains click on the link:

Lakewood Station Honors Deputy David Powell 640 480 SIB Staff

Lakewood Station Honors Deputy David Powell

Deputies at Lakewood Station honor fallen hero Deputy David A. Powell by running in his honor on Thursday, December 5, 2019.

On November 30, 2002, Deputy David A. Powell paid the ultimate sacrifice. Deputy Powell and his partner responded to a call of “shots fired” near the area of 166th Street and Elaine Avenue in the city of Artesia. A short time later, he was alerted to the presence of the suspect in a nearby residence. Informed that the suspect had taken a woman hostage, Deputy Powell and his partner attempted to force entry through the front door when four shots were fired through the house. Deputy Powell suffered a fatal gunshot wound. His partner returned fire with a shotgun and mortally wounded the suspect.

CRDF Inmates
Sheriff Villanueva Spreads Holiday Cheer at Women’s Jail 1024 798 SIB Staff

Sheriff Villanueva Spreads Holiday Cheer at Women’s Jail

Holidays are typically a time to spend with family and friends, so for inmates away from their families, a temporary or permanent absence in the lives of their loved ones can magnify a difficult time, both physically and emotionally.

Yes, maybe they’ve done something they shouldn’t have done. But that should not allow us to forget the spirit of the season, where we open our hearts to one another. It’s a lesson in doing the right thing, for the right reason; about sharing acts of kindness and thoughtfulness with others to lift their spirits.

In choosing to be forgiving and compassionate, LASD Sheriff Alex Villanueva invited Mariachi to not only surprise the inmates, but also to remind them that they are not forgotten.

As Mariachi music is often present at important events and celebrations in the lives of Latino people, this beloved music has transcended language, geography and politics and brought people together.

Not only has music always given a voice to the lost and forgotten, for many it has evolved into a sort of soundtrack full of thoughts that turn into emotion. These acoustic harmonies show the power of music to heal.

Sheriff Villanueva’s Mariachi at CRDF, a women’s jail, is about the humanity behind a jail cell. “Every person is worthy and deserves respect as a human being,” said Sheriff Villanueva. “Just because they are here in jail does not mean they stop being human, or they stop feeling or stop thinking about their family members. We all have to think about loved ones that are inside the jails and in the hospitals on this Christmas day. It’s very important.”

For the staff at CRDF and first responders in general, working all if not most of the holidays is part of the job. Deputies and staff assigned to CRDF and scheduled to work during the holidays will miss family events. Although deputies will typically celebrate together by bringing in a dish, oftentimes those meals will be interrupted.

Sheriff Villanueva’s hope is that Mariachi fans among the deputies and staff at CRDF will become enchanted by the sounds of the guitars, trumpets and violins, uplifting their spirits in appreciation of their commitment and dedication in service to others.

Saugus High School Shooting. 150 150 SIB Staff

Saugus High School Shooting.

Homicide Investigating Saugus High School Shooting.

At 7:38 AM, Santa Clarita Station received a call about an Assault with a Deadly Weapon at 21900 Centurion Way in Santa Clarita at Saugus High School. Santa Clarita deputies arrived within 2 minutes and realized it was an Active Shooter situation.

Deputies conducted a rapid deployment onto the school’s premises. Upon their arrival, they discovered 6 students in the quad area suffering from gunshot wounds. The students were triaged and sent to local area hospitals. The suspect was identified as one of students found in the quad. He is identified as a 16 year old male Asian, whose birthday was today.

The weapon recovered on scene was a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, which no longer contained ammunition. The suspect is a resident of the 22900 block of Sycamore Creek Street Drive in Santa Clarita. That location was contained by Sheriff Deputies and a cursory search was conducted to identify any additional victims or suspects. A search warrant for the location was obtained by investigators to process the residence further evidence.

Homicide teams were deployed to several Santa Clarita Valley locations to process evidence and interview witnesses. Students who were possible witnesses to the incident are being interviewed by detectives from the LASD Homicide Bureau. We also have investigators working with the tech crews processing any videos we may receive from the surveillance system at the high school. We’re working and collaborating with the FBI to preserve and capture any cell phone video of this incident.

Detectives have reviewed the video at the scene, which shows the subject in the quad area remove a firearm from his backpack. He then shoots 5 people, and then shoots himself. The suspect is in critical condition at a local hospital. Unfortunately, a 16 year old female victim passed away at 9:23 AM and a male victim passed away at 11:31 AM. Three additional victims, one 15 year old female and one 14 year old female, and one male who is 14 years old are in stable condition at a local hospitals. This is preliminary information.

A social media account has been reported as possibly belonging to the suspect. The social media account stated, “Saugus have fun at school tomorrow.” However, the account has yet to be authenticated and it is unknown if this was posted by the suspect. Detectives have checked recent threats to the high school and have investigated two, but neither had a nexus to this incident. The investigation is on-going and anybody with information regarding the incident is encouraged to call the Los Angeles County Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

Chief Haselrig at CSUDH 800 600 SIB Staff

Chief Haselrig at CSUDH

Chief Lajuana Haselrig spoke to Criminal Justice classes at CSUDH yesterday and today. Sgt Vince Plair is an adjunct Professor at the school. Outstanding talk about leadership adversity and being a servant to others. 

graphic of The great shakeout event
The Great Shakeout 900 900 SIB Staff

The Great Shakeout

300 miles away, on October 15, 2019, a 4.8 mag #earthquake hit Northern California. Now is the perfect time to prepare & participate in the #InternationalShakeOut drill on Oct 17th! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Join #LASD and register at

crime time Tuesday: suspect sentenced 1024 1024 SIB Staff

crime time Tuesday: suspect sentenced

#LASD #CrimeTimeTuesday Man Sentenced for Killing Woman and Hiding her Body in a Wall, Unincorporated #Lomita 37 year-old, Raven Campbell, missing since July 2009, will finally be able to Rest in Peace. On Tuesday, October 8, 2019 Suspect Garbutt was sentenced to 11 years in state prison for her 2009 murder. Thursday, July 2, 2015, at 6:30 a.m., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau detectives discovered human remains on the 26800 block of Western Avenue, Unincorporated Lomita. Detectives along with the Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner – Coroner personnel responded to a tip that human remains were hidden in a residence. Cadaver dogs alerted and detectives assisted Coroner’s Special Operations Response Team in excavating and removing the human remains. Thursday, July 9, 2015, officials from the County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner – Coroner conducted a post mortem examination and identified the cause of death as blunt force trauma. Wednesday, February 3, 2016, deputies arrested Randolph Garbutt, male, Black, 43 years-old, for a traffic warrant. At the time of Victim Campbell’s disappearance the suspect and victim shared the residence on Western Avenue. Suspect Garbutt was booked for the murder of Raven Campbell on Thursday, February 4, 2016. Link to press conference re:

Vintage image of Deputy and kids
LASD and Kids 900 900 SIB Staff

LASD and Kids

#ThrowbackThursday #LASD and Kids

The #LASD deputy response spectrum varies from horrific violent crimes, fatal car accidents, domestic violence, resolving neighbor disputes, and welfare checks to just helping a parent explain to his/her child the importance of wearing the seat-belt. These men and women wearing the badge are serving in a capacity that few others can match. These qualities are exemplified in an LASD recruitment pamphlet from #1970:

“We need you if you will become involved in your work. The Deputies’ work shapes and regulates their lives and its influence extends beyond the normal eight hours limit of most ordinary jobs. A law enforcement career requires life commitment and dedication. It offers you a unique chance to become professionally involved with your community…..”

This summer, West Hollywood Sheriff’s Deputies welcomed 11 kids from the West Hollywood Park Tot Time program. The deputies conducted the Station tour and answered some hard-hitting questions such as, “Do you guys have a dog?” and “Where do the bad guys sleep?”………. After our deputies tried hard to answer these hard hitting questions by the group of five year olds, they were requested to take a photo with fun faces. Well, most of the deputies passed the final test and became fast friends!

Small things count. And we do not underestimate them. One badge has unlimited possibilities, become part of the positive energy brought to our communities. 

credit card over laptop
#FraudFriday-Credit Bureau scam 900 900 SIB Staff

#FraudFriday-Credit Bureau scam

#FraudFriday-Credit Bureau Scam

We’ve all seen well known Credit Bureau Companies are being affected by data breaches. Wouldn’t you know it? People may have already started putting up fake websites meant to look like the official Equifax settlement claims website.
With these types of breaches, fake websites are popping up, making themselves look like legitimate credit bureau companies offering reimbursement for being a victim of a data breach. But beware these offers are fake, and you will be at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft or scammed straight out of your money.

How this scam works:

• Advertisements are posted throughout social media instructing people to file a claim to get money for possibly being a victim of a data breach
• Once a person is convinced, they are directed to click onto a link that will instruct them to enter personal information
• Once the personal information is entered, the scammers will have your information which can be used to open fraudulent bank accounts or credit cards.
• Once the claim has been submitted, the victim might get a response indicating they have not been a victim of a data breach.
There are three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

If you receive an email, advertisement, or phone call advising you may be a victim of a data breach, do not provide personal information until you verify the notification is legitimate.
You may be sure you’re going to the right site by going directly to the actual credit bureau websites or calling the credit bureau directly.

A couple more things to remember. You’ll never have to pay to file a claim for these benefits. And anyone who calls and tries to get you to file a claim is almost certainly a scammer.