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Lakewood Deputies Arrest Suspect for Failure to Disburse at riot

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Lakewood Station Deputies Arrest Suspect for Failure to Disburse at the Scene of a Riot

A group of approximately 500 demonstrators gathered in front of Lakewood City Hall to protest the death of George Floyd on Friday, June 5, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. The crowd was peaceful, and at 3:00 p.m., they began to disburse and leave—most left southbound Clark Avenue. After the streets were reopened, Deputies returned to normal operations, answering routine calls for service and patrol.

Approximately thirty minutes later, a group of 100 protesters returned and occupied all lanes of traffic on Clark Avenue, which had been previously reopened. This caused a potential safety hazard for both protesters and vehicular commuter traffic.

Deputies responded, and dispersal orders were given after this gathering was determined to be an Unlawful Assembly. These protesters continued to occupy lanes of traffic and advance toward deputy personnel even after dispersal orders were given.

As this group of protesters approached the station area, deputies continued to give orders instructing this group of protesters to safely exit the street; however, they were much more aggressive and continued to refuse the deputies’ lawful orders. Among this group of protesters, there were approximately three to four agitators directing the group not to follow orders. Several minutes after dispersal orders were given, the group continued to occupy the roadway, causing a continued safety hazard to motorists and other pedestrians in the area.

Deputies on the scene identified the lead agitator of the group and formed an arrest team. Deputies approached the group to disperse them and arrest the primary agitator.

An individual in the group armed himself with a large steel piece of broken brake rotor and threw it directly at the deputies.

Deputies employed less than lethal pepper ball projectiles and launched them at the suspect who had thrown the brake rotor fragment. Pepper ball projectiles were also launched toward others in the group who were seen attempting to arm themselves with objects taken from a protester’s backpack.

Additionally, these pepper ball projectiles were launched against the ground and walls located near agitators as a dispersal tactic.

Smoke was also deployed rather than tear gas. Additionally, deputies advanced on the group to push them away southbound Clarke Avenue and out of the area.

One suspect was arrested and booked for Resisting an Executive Officer (69 PC) and Failure to Disperse at the Scene of a Riot (409 PC).

No Deputies were injured.

Lakewood Station personnel remain committed to our mission of protecting the public and property within the cities we proudly serve.