SHERIFF’S COMMENTS – BOS Agenda Item 16 on 11/10/2020

Sheriff Alex Villanueva briefly discusses several accomplishements, to correct misinformation that is being shared related to the Board of Supervisors Meeting- Agenda 16.

  • Elimination of ICE in the LASD jails, courthouses, and patrol stations
  • Body Worn Cameras
  • Enactment of a Department anti-click policy
  • AB 2655
  • Record hiring of 1,100 local deputies in one year
  • Diverse Leadership in the Department
  • The depopulation of over 5,000 inmates before COVID-19, to save lives
  • LASD Protecting thousands of peaceful protesters
  • Overtime budget cut by 50%
  • Homeless Outreach Services Team success

Everything we have been doing is about fulfilling the promises of why I took this job and everything is above the board and subject to inspection if anyone in the COC or OIG wants to do their job by all means do it, and all we ask for is for a fair and objective process we don’t want politics to intrude in it. We have a future court date regarding the subpoena issue in my personal office and that has not been resolved yet and once it has been resolved we can talk about that.

In closing, I want to say that I have an open-door policy, and I want to meet with each and every one of you personally. I extend good wishes to Mark Ridley-Thomas at his new job as a City Councilman and I want to encourage everyone to remember what President-Elect Biden said, “Let’s stop demonizing people, let’s start working together, and let’s find solutions together.”

Thank You

Sheriff Alex Villanueva provides facts & info regarding the LA County Board of Supervisors Agenda 16

Sheriff Alex Villanueva provides facts and information regarding the LA County Board of Supervisors Agenda 16 from November 10, 2020. To read the full transcript, please visit

Posted by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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