LASD Search and Rescue Hiking Plan Worksheet

LASD Search and Rescue Hiking Plan Worksheet 640 640 SIB Staff


Regardless of the weather conditions, it’s important that all Hiking groups in Los Angeles County fill out an LASD Search and Rescue Hiking Plan worksheet as part of their pre-planning. The completed worksheet should then be given to a responsible person who will provide this information to Law Enforcement / Search and Rescue, in the event you do not complete your trip as scheduled.

You can download the form by visiting:

The LASD Sheriff’s Emergency Services Detail (ESD) deputies operate 24-hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to their tactical operations. All ESD deputies are certified paramedics and rescue divers and are responsible for coordinating and participating in mountain search and rescue, underwater search and rescue, and swift water rescue operations for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. They staff the Air-5 Rescue Helicopter, the Ocean Rescue Boat, and accompany the Special Weapons Teams on all operations.The ESD also maintains two Reserve companies assigned to its command. The Medical Company consists of doctors and medical specialists who are available to work with the Air-5 crew on busy weekends and major holidays.

Additionally, augmented alongside the full time crew are Reserve Deputies who are dedicated volunteers from the local community. They come from all walks of life and bring their own unique skills and experiences to the team. These Reserve Deputies are also EMT’s and Mountain Rescue certified and share common bond “So that others may live”.

Authored by:
Deputy James Nagao
Sheriff’s Information Bureau – Newsroom
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Hall of Justice – First floor
211 W. Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012