LASD expands visitation to all facilities on June 5, 2021

Visitation room has one stool and partitions on either side, facing a glass partition where inmates can visit with family. There is a Security Officer overlooking the row of visitation booths.

LASD expands visitation to all facilities on June 5, 2021

LASD expands visitation to all facilities on June 5, 2021 900 600 SIB Staff

LASD has expanded visitation to all facilities starting Saturday, June 5.

Due to the nature of the pandemic, guidelines and requirements are subject to change at any time. Please check this website frequently for updated information.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the visitation process and requirements have changed. If requirements are not satisfied, you will be asked to leave, and the appointment will be canceled. Visitation appointments can also be canceled if an inmate is not eligible to receive visits due to a medical quarantine or other factors.


  • All visits must be scheduled in advanced. There will be no walk-in appointment allowed or scheduled at facilities.
  • Visitors will be screened for symptoms, such as fever, cough, or loss of taste. Visitors will be turned away if they have symptoms or are under quarantine or isolation orders.
  • Visitors must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least six feet of distance, or they will be asked to leave.
  • Only one adult visitor OR one adult with one child will be allowed. If more people show up, the entire visit will be canceled for everyone.
  • Visitors subject to a quarantine or isolation order will have their appointment canceled.
  • Visitors will have to show proof of a full COVID vaccination, a negative COVID test within the last three days, or proof of previous infection. Otherwise, the visit will be canceled.

For additional information, please review the Department of Public Health’s visitation guidelines.

Chief Laura E. Lecrivain has been a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Department) since 1995.  She oversees Countywide Services Division which includes the Community Partnerships, Community Colleges, Parks, and County Services Bureau.  Prior to her promotion to chief, she worked as a commander for Countywide Services Division and Custody Division. 

As a captain, Chief Lecrivain commanded the Twin Towers Correctional Facility (TTCF) where she was responsible for over 800 personnel and the care of 3,000 mentally ill inmates arrested in Los Angeles County (County).  The TTCF is the largest mental health facility in the United States and houses the County’s most severe mental health inmates.  

During her time on the Department, Chief Lecrivain had the privilege of working an array of assignments.  As a deputy, she worked Century Station patrol, detective bureau, and Operation Safe Streets (OSS).  Later, as a sergeant, Chief Lecrivain worked at the Men’s Central Jail, Compton Station, OSS, and Administrative Services Division.  Upon her promotion to lieutenant, Chief Lecrivain worked as a watch commander at Palmdale Station, and later at Compton Station.   

Chief Lecrivain is lifetime resident of Los Angeles County.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Management, and a Masters’ Degree in Leadership from the University of Southern California.  In her spare time, Chief Lecrivain enjoys spending time with her family and Dodger baseball.  She also loves reading and enjoys running.