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Forensic Alcohol

The Forensic Alcohol Section is responsible for alcohol-related matters, which include the following: analysis of blood, urine, and beverage case submissions for the presence and quantity of alcohol; calibration and maintenance of evidential breath alcohol testing instruments; expert testimony and consultation on criminal and civil cases, Alcohol Beverages Control and Department of Motor Vehicles administrative cases; training and certification of law enforcement personnel.

The Forensic Alcohol Section website is a repository of evidentiary results from the analysis of alcohol in blood, urine and breath cases. Additionally, supplemental supporting documentation for breath instrumentation records, Title 17 requirements and compliance, breath instrument operator training certifications are available for public use.

Serving Pitchess Motion

Serving Pitchess Motions (Criminal, Civil & Supplemental)

Pitchess Motions are accepted in person or by mail at:
Discovery Unit 4900 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 220 Commerce, CA 90040 (323) 890-5000.

Or by email at

Service of the written motions must meet the requirements of the California Code of Civil Procedure 1005 (b) and Evidence Code 1043(a)(2) Section, which requires ten (10) court days notice before the time of hearing if personal service is made, with five (5) additional calendar days if the motion is mailed from within the state.

UAS Reports

These activity reports contain all deployments of the Department’s Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS).

Watch Commander Service Reports

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