Deputy-Involved Shootings - Previous Years

Every deputy-involved shooting is traumatic for all involved. Each incident is unique and complex. As such, these incidents go through several internal and external layers of investigation and analysis.

The Sheriff’s Department conducts very thorough and clearly-defined investigations into shootings and uses of force. The Internal Affairs Bureau Force/Shooting Response Team conducts an administrative review of all deputy-involved shootings, when no one is struck by gunfire. Homicide Bureau is responsible for the criminal investigation of all deputy-involved shootings when a person is struck by gunfire.

Each deputy-involved shooting is reviewed by independent investigative agencies. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Justice System Integrity Division (JSID) members respond to the scene to conduct an independent and thorough review of the evidence. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) also sends a representative to provide independent oversight for best practices.

Upon completion of the initial criminal investigation, Homicide Bureau presents the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, Justice System Integrity Division (JSID). JSID evaluates the force used by the involved Sheriff’s personnel to determine whether or not the shooting was legally justified or in violation of the law. In case of a fatality, the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner – Coroner conducts a parallel investigation which may include an autopsy and pathology reports.

In every incident, multiple witness interviews, the examination of available video footage, and expert analysis of significant amounts of forensic evidence are required. Our understanding of these cases may evolve as additional evidence is discovered, collected, analyzed, and reviewed.

Our goal is that the attached documents may provide a better understanding of these complex incidents, based on the information currently available. In each document, redactions may have been made to protect the identity of involved parties and all juvenile subjects.

Who Investigates Deputy-Involved Shootings - graphic

Shootings which result in injury or fatality


Date of IncidentUnitLocationPerson InvolvedFile NumberIncident SummaryCoroner ReportJ.S.I.D ReportVideoFull Press Conference
01/10/21Altadena Station2421 Lincoln Avenue, AltadenaMirzayan, Allen21-00071-07YesYesYes
02/12/21Norwalk Station11500 block of Mapledale Street, NorwalkEsquivel, Abraham21-01842-04YesNon-FatalYesYes
03/14/21East Los Angeles Station100 block of N. Rowan Avenue, Los AngelesOrdaz, David Jr.21-03539-02YesYesYes
03/31/21East Los Angeles Station5100 block of Live Oak Street, CudahyCervantes, Isaias21-04312-02YesNon-FatalYes
4/9/21Norwalk Station15800 block of Creswick Drive, WhittierRogers, Kyle21-04146-04YesNon-fatalYes
4/23/21Century Station1200 block of East 67th Street, Los AngelesDe Los Santos, Miguel21-05414-21YesNon-fatalYes
4/29/21Lancaster Station39400 block of 167th Street East, Lake Los AngelesAceves, Alfredo21-06915-11YesYesYes
06/23/21Norwalk StationPiuma Avenue and Alondra Boulevard, NorwalkHolder, Frederick21-06937-04YesYesYes
08/11/21Santa Clarita Station Southbound Interstate 5, one mile north of Templin Highway, GormanSanchez, Adrian21-10950-06YesYesYes
08/26/21Operation Safe Streets Bureau3000 block of Pico Boulevard, Los AngelesHernandez, Kevin21-11523-02YesNon-fatalYes
09/11/21Lancaster Station250 East Avenue R, PalmdalePizarro, Edwin21-11704-26YesNon-FatalYes
09/22/21Lancaster Station500 block of West Avenue J-12, LancasterKing, Julio21-15868-11YesNon-FatalYes
09/23/21Lancaster StationSierra Highway & West Avenue B, LancasterRoss, Berry21-15897-11Yes2021-10732Yes
09/30/21South Los Angeles Station8480 South Figueroa Street, Los AngelesWhelchel, Shane21-07807-03YesNon-FatalYesYes
10/03/21Santa Clarita Station24900 block of Chicory Court, Stevenson RanchMosco, Christopher21-13593-06Yes2021-11090Yes
10/05/21Century StationWestbound Interstate 105 at the Interstate 710 interchangeMedrano, Jesse21-13354-21Yes2021-11139
10/10/21Pico Rivera Station10000 Block of Obregon Street, WhittierGuevara, Isaiah21-05801-15Yes2021-11330Yes
10/19/21Temple Station2100 block of San Gabriel Boulevard, RosemeadAbelar, Adrian21-10833-05YesNon-FatalYes
11/12/21East Los Angeles Station5700 block of Whittier Boulevard, CommerceFlores de Rouque, Wendy21-15192-02Yes2021-12459
11/12/21Santa Clarita Station10600 block of Soledad Canyon Road, Agua DulceChaves, Manuel21-15456-06YesNon-FatalYes
11/21/21Transit Services Bureau11611 South Willowbrook Avenue, Los AngelesHolenbeck, John21-01549-60Yes2021-13144Yes
12/15/21Special Enforcement Bureau12400 block of Shoemaker Avenue, WhittierMarquez, Juan21-13466-04YesNon-FatalYes
12/18/21Norwalk Station9500 block of Raviller Drive, DowneyHernandez, Nicholas21-13600-04YesNon-FatalYes
12/29/21Carson Station2600 block of East Dominguez Street, CarsonMarshall, Katlan21-12504-16YesNon-FatalYes


Date of IncidentUnitLocationPerson InvolvedFile NumberIncident SummaryCoroner ReportJ.S.I.D ReportVideoFull Press Conference
03/01/20Santa Clarita Valley Station23740 Magic Mountain Parkway, ValenciaCeja, Raymundo20-03105-06YesYesYes
03/05/20Palmdale StationSouthbound Interstate 5 Transition to 210 Freeway EastJanto, Jesse20-03610-26YesNon FatalYes
04/03/20Court Services Bureau North - Van Nuys14400 Erwin Street Mall, Van NuysAlbala, David20-00155-44YesNon FatalYes
04/19/20Lancaster Station1101 West Avenue I, LancasterLugo, Richard20-07309-11YesYesYesYes
05/26/20Operation Safe Streets Bureau1149 West 109th Place, Los Angeles Avitia,Robert20-04324-03YesYesYesYes
05/29/20Lancaster Station1752 West Avenue K, LancasterColvin, Robert20-09658-11YesYesYes
05/30/20Century Station3101 East Imperial Highway, LynwoodMartinez, Jose20-07905-21YesNon FatalYes
06/07/20Industry Station17300 Railroad Street, City of IndustryHurst, Jarrid20-05733-14YesYesYesYes
06/11/20Lancaster Station606 West Avenue H-12, Lancaster Thomas, Michael20-10361-11YesYesYesYes
06/12/20Palmdale Station38360 20th Street East, PalmdaleLugo, Tony 20-07976-26YesYesYesYes
06/17/20Major Crimes Bureau3500 15th Street West, RosamondBoone, Terron 20-10705-11YesKern C01565-20Yes
06/18/20Compton Station420 West Redondo Beach Boulevard, GardenaGuardado, Andres20-07557-28YesYesYesYes
06/28/20Transit Services Bureau15938 Atkinson Avenue, GardenaHudson, Erik20-00775-68YesNon FatalYesYes
07/30/20Lancaster Station44817 Fenhold Street, LancasterCampbell, Kirk20-13251-11YesNon FatalYes
08/07/20Industry Station13361 Crossroads Parkway, IndustryOchoa, Rogelio20-07771-14YesNon-FatalYes
08/22/20East Los Angeles Station1466 S. McDonnell Avenue, CommerceMoreno, Rigoberto20-11308-02YesNon-FatalYes
08/31/20South Los Angeles Station1221 West 109th Place, Los AngelesKizzee, Dijon20-07618-03YesYesYesYes
09/10/2020Operation Safe Streets Bureau516 South Bradfield Avenue, ComptonHerrera, Samuel Jr.20-11174-28YesYesYesYes
10/06/20Lakewood Station7324 Rosecrans Avenue, ParamountAparicio, Hermes20-19024-13YesNon-FatalYes
10/06/20South Los Angeles Station1000 West Carson Street, TorranceBurgos, Nicholas20-01613-85YesYesYesYes
10/15/20South Los Angeles Station1057 West 108 Street, Los AngelesYoung, Dana20-08775-03Yes2020-09624YesYes
10/16/20Century Station2255 West 122 Street, Los AngelesWilliam III, Fred20-15653-21YesYesYes
11/15/20South Los Angeles StationVan Ness Avenue/Van Wick Street, Los Angeles (uninc)Conner, Sam20-09760-03Yes2020-10636YesYes
12/06/20Industry Station1900 block of Batson Avenue, Rowland HeightsJuarez, Christian Sotelo20-07652-29Yes2020-11381YesYes
12/19/20South Los Angeles Station4416 West 104 Street, Los Angeles (uninc)Arreola, Moises20-10888-03Yes2020-11971YesYes


Date of IncidentUnitLocationPerson InvolvedFile NumberIncident SummaryCoroner ReportJ.S.I.D ReportVideo
2/17/19Lancaster Station512 West Milling Street, LancasterLopez, Steven19-03454-11YesNon FatalYes
3/14/19Century Station7605 Seville Avenue, Walnut Park (Unincorporated Area)Herrera, Nancy19-04078-21YesNon FatalYes
3/16/19Palmdale Station4040 Karling Place, PalmdaleBeckwith, Timothy19-03705-26YesYesYes
3/31/19Compton Station620 West Alondra Boulevard, ComptonJuvenile19-04836-28YesNon FatalYes
5/10/19East Los Angeles Station in VernonBandini Boulevard/South Downey Road, VernonLindsey, Dylan19-00046-31YesYes
5/21/19Century Station3801 Lilita Street, LynwoodGarcia, Pablo19-07931-21YesYes
6/6/19Special Enforcement Bureau in San Gabriel2021 Brighton Avenue, San GabrielMeza, Jose19-00054-31YesYesYes
6/6/19Century Station13111 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles (Unincorporated Area)Twyman, Ryan19-08973-21YesYesYes
6/6/19South Los Angeles Station3702 1/4 Imperial Highway, InglewoodStamps, Edtwon19-04852-03YesYesYesYes
6/14/19Palmdale Station34034 133rd Street, PalmdaleBall, Robert19-08458-26YesNon FatalYes
6/18/19Carson Station1500 West Carson Street, Long BeachRamirez-Madrigal, Jorge19-06664-16YesNon FatalYes
6/27/19East Los Angeles Station 320 Gerhart Avenue, Los Angeles (Unincorporated Area)Rea, Paul 19-09054-02Yes2019-04846YesYes
7/26/19Lost Hills Station28854 Bison Court, MalibuNeal, Timothy19-04183-10YesNon FatalYes
8/1/19South Los Angeles Station7121 Brynhurst Avenue, Los Angeles (Unincorporated Area)Simpson, Jamal19-06618-03YesYesYes
8/2/19Lakewood StationGarfield Avenue/Century Boulevard, South GateYoung, Joseph19-16741-13YesNon FatalYes
9/12/19Santa Clarita Valley Station25733 Rye Canyon Road, Santa ClaritaVenegas, Alvaro19-14041-06YesYesYes
10/6/19Pico Rivera Station8229 Rexall Avenue, Whittier (Unincorporated Area)Vazquez, Marco Jr.19-07153-15YesYes
10/24/19West Hollywood Station11559 Dona Teresa Drive, Studio CityMiles, Devon19-07023-09YesNon FatalYes
10/30/19Lancaster Station3049 Kaylyn Street, LancasterMyers, Ricardo19-22894-11YesYesYes
11/13/19East Los Angeles Station4211 Dozier Street, Los Angeles (Unincorporated Area)Garcia-Espinoza, Omar19-15834-02YesYes
11/25/19East Los Angeles Station4752 East Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles (Unincorporated Area)Evangelista, Robert19-16422-02YesNon FatalYes
12/16/19East Los Angeles StationRowan Avenue/Fourth Street, Los Angeles (Unincorporated Area)Serrano, Jorge19-17470-02YesYes


Date of IncidentUnitPerson InvolvedFile NumberJ.S.I.D Report
02-04-18South Los Angeles StationWeber, Anthony18-00965-03
08-12-18East Los Angeles StationVargas, Anthony18-11924-02Yes