White truck parked with a cart of donations next to it. Sheriff logo is on the door.




TSB Participates in the 2023 Great California Shakeout
TSB Detectives coordinated earthquake response training with Metrolink and manned the TSB Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the Irwindale Substation. TSB deputy personnel responded to a call that was dispatched to all TSB units to conduct a critical facility safety check of identified facilities within their reporting districts. After conducting a check, TSB deputies reported their findings back to the EOC.

TSB Personnel Collect, Donate Gently-Used Professional Business Attire for Women Transitioning From the Military
TSB Personnel collected nearly 200 pounds of new and gently used professional business wear, shoes, new makeup, jewelry, and purses to the American Legion as part of the Battle Boutique campaign, which helps women currently serving in the US military transition into the civilian workplace.


Attempted Robbery (Suspect Outstanding)
TSB Deputies responded to Whittier Boulevard and Ford Boulevard in the City of Los Angeles regarding a panic alarm – possible robbery call for service. They contacted the bus operator (Victim) who stated he was approached by a male adult (Suspect) while he was driving the bus. The suspect began to yell and demanded money from the victim.

The victim was fearful he would be harmed if he did not comply with the suspect’s demands. The victim began reaching for his wallet and told the suspect he had no money. The suspect exited the bus and started walking in an unknown direction. The bus operator stated he was not injured during this incident.

Employee Commendation
A Metro patron called the TSB Watch Commander and wanted to thank the deputies who rode with her on the train on the C/Green Line and for providing her with a safe riding experience. She further stated she felt safe and appreciated the deputy’s presence on the train. The deputies were presented with a written commendation.


Robbery (Suspect Outstanding)
TSB Deputies responded to a local hospital regarding a robbery report call for service. They contacted the victim who was being treated by the medical staff for her injuries. The victim stated that as she crossed the A-Line pedestrian train tracks grade crossing and walked through the metal gates toward Willowbrook Avenue, an unknown male adult (Suspect) approached her and grabbed her purse. The victim resisted the suspect’s efforts to take her purse and held onto the purse. The suspect then punched the victim and pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground on her back. The suspect took approximately $10 in US currency and ran toward the train station and
out of view. The victim walked to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries.

A/Blue-Line Crime Suppression Operation
The Special Assignment Unit (SAU) and Commuter Enhancement Unit (CET) conducted extra patrol on the A-Line. Uniformed deputies rode trains and patrolled passenger stations. Appropriate law enforcement action was taken for suspects who committed any crime on metro trains or property.


Train Versus Pedestrian
The LASD TSB Desk received a call from A-Line control regarding a train versus pedestrian at the 92nd Street/ Graham Avenue in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles grade crossing. The northbound train struck a female at the location. The pedestrian was pronounced deceased and a bus bridge was initiated.

Bus Versus Vehicle
A Metro Bus was traveling northbound on Atlantic Boulevard at Garvey Avenue in the City of Monterey Park when it struck a vehicle in the intersection. The bus proceeded northbound through the intersection when a Toyota Matrix moved into the intersection without stopping. The bus struck the Toyota. There were no traffic safety signals operating at the time of the accident due to Southern California Edison performing maintenance in the area. No parties reported injuries and Monterey Park PD responded to take a traffic collision report.


Assault on a Bus Operator (Suspect Arrested)
TSB Deputies responded to a battery just occurred call for service. Deputies contacted the bus operator (Victim), who told him he was assaulted by a passenger (Suspect) at a stop at the intersection of Whittier Boulevard and Ford Boulevard in the City of East Los Angeles. The suspect boarded the bus and began to talk to the bus operator. The suspect reached into his pocket, removed an object, and concealed it in his hand. The suspect yelled, “I’m going to shank you.” The suspect reached around the plexiglass barrier and hit the bus operator in the neck with a closed fist. The suspect lunged at the bus operator again but missed. The bus operator pushed the suspect off the bus and quickly closed the door. Deputy personnel located the suspect and arrested him without incident. The bus operator was not injured during this incident.

The TSB Weekly Update is not a complete list of all incidents, arrests, or events that occurred. The details contained within each incident description are preliminary information only and are not meant to replace those of a full investigation. For inquiries please contact the TSB PIO, Deputy Kari Mercer.