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Assault (Suspect Outstanding)
TSB Deputies received an assault call for service on a bus and responded to the intersection of Hawthorne Boulevard and Lennox Boulevard in Lennox. Deputies contacted the victim, who stated while inside the bus, he became involved in a physical altercation with an unknown adult black male (Suspect). During the altercation, the suspect struck the victim numerous times over the head and face. The victim refused to be transported for medical examination. The suspect fled on foot from the location and out of view.

Case Closed – Harassment, Road Rage Suspect Identified
Arrested At the beginning of September, it was brought to TSB’s attention that a Metro bus operator had been victimized while conducting his duties in the City of Alhambra by a male adult (Suspect) driving a Volvo. The suspect harassed the bus operator by driving recklessly in pursuit of the bus in the area of Main Street and Atlantic Boulevard, which caused the operator to fear for his and his patrons’ safety. The harassment occurred on three different dates, with the most recent incident occurring last week. With the information provided by the bus operator, TSB personnel were able to identify the suspect and an arrest warrant was obtained. On the morning of the 21st, a TSB Detective, Special Assignment Unit – North (SAU-N) Deputies, and TSB line deputies performed a search warrant and successfully arrested the suspect, who was charged with stalking, reckless driving, and delaying Metro operations.


TSB Assists Metro with Patron Count
TSB units assisted Metro with patron counts on the A-Line, K-Line, and E-Line during the early morning shift. The counts were conducted at Westchester-Veterans Station, Downtown Santa Monica, APU/Citrus Station, Atlantic Station, Norwalk Station, and Marine Station.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Knife/Domestic Violence (Suspect Arrested)
TSB Deputies responded to Hawthorne Metro Passenger Station regarding a “person with a knife” call for service. The call stated a male (Victim) and female (Suspect) were arguing and the female was holding a hatchet. Deputies contacted the victim who stated he and the suspect were in a dating relationship and were arguing. The argument turned violent when the suspect produced a hatchet from her backpack and assaulted the victim by striking him in the back of the neck. Fire arrived and treated the victim for non-life-threatening injuries. The deputies located the suspect and arrested her without incident.

Case Closed – Robbery Suspect Identified
Arrested On September 11th, a robbery occurred at Firestone Metro Passenger Station. At the time of the incident, the suspect was unidentified and fled the location before deputy personnel arrived on scene. Through diligent work and use of department resources, TSB Detectives were able to successfully identify the suspect and obtained a Ramey Warrant for his arrest on September 15th. On September 20th, a TSB detective, members of the Special Assignment Team – North (SAU-N), and TSB deputies collaborated with LA County Probation Officers to safely apprehend the suspect in front of the Compton Court House. He was arrested without incident.

Coffee with the Captain Event Held
Captain Kehoe and TSB personnel held a “Coffee with the Captain” event at the 4th Street Metro Passenger Station. The purpose of the event was to conduct a meet and greet with the TSB Unit Commander and provide Metro patrons and the community of Santa Monica with the opportunity to engage and interact with law enforcement personnel assigned to TSB including K9, the Special Assignment Unit (SAU), the Commuter Enhancement Team (CET), Transit Mental Evaluation Team (TMET), Team Leaders, and line personnel. Metro Executive Robert Gummer and Carlos Rico, owners of local businesses, residents of Santa Monica, Metro patrons, Metro staff, the Santa Monica Fire Department, the Santa Monica Police Department, and our Long Beach Police Department transit services counterparts were present. Over 200 cups of coffee were served during the three-hour event and questions and comments were addressed regarding major concerns of Metro-related crime and homelessness.

Captain Kehoe received positive comments on TSB’s deployments to the 4th Street Metro Passenger Station as a fixed post with many community members stating they have seen a positive change since TSB’s implementation and appreciated the opportunity to visit with us at the event. As a result of the successful turnout of the event, TSB will host additional “Coffee with the Captain” and “Coffee with a Deputy” events at strategic Metro locations to continue to engage the communities we serve.


A-Line Crime Suppression Operation
The Special Assignment Unit (SAU) along with the Commuter Enhancement Unit (CET) continued the A-Line crime Suppression Operation. The specialized units conduct extra patrol on the A-Line. Uniformed deputies ride trains and patrol passenger stations. Appropriate law enforcement action is taken for suspects who commit any crime on metro trains or property.

Sexual Assault (Suspect Outstanding)
TSB Deputies responded to a local hospital regarding a sexual assault call for service. They contacted a female adult (Victim) who stated she was sexually assaulted on 09/17/23 at approximately 1700 hours. The victim, who is unhoused, stated she was on the mezzanine level of Willowbrook Station and was speaking to an unknown male (Suspect). As she declined further conversation, the suspect approached her from behind and began to sexually assault her. The suspect left the location and out of view. The victim stayed at the location and went to the hospital in the morning.


Vandalism (Suspect Arrested)
TSB Deputies were conducting a foot patrol check of the APU/Citrus Parking structure in Azusa when they observed Metro Security personnel speaking to a male adult (Suspect) on the platform. Metro security told the suspect he was not allowed to enter the train because he had not paid the fare. The suspect began arguing with Metro security and then walked into the parking structure. Once out of view, the deputies heard a loud sound and glass breaking coming from the inside of the parking structure. Upon investigation, they saw the suspect smashing and breaking the passenger-side window of a parked vehicle. The suspect was arrested for felony vandalism.

The TSB Weekly Update is not a complete list of all incidents, arrests, or events that occurred. The details contained within each incident description are preliminary information only and are not meant to replace those of a full investigation. For inquiries please contact the TSB PIO, Deputy Kari Mercer.