telephone and impersonation scams

man holding mobile phone call from unkown number

telephone and impersonation scams

telephone and impersonation scams 1024 684 SIB Staff

Telephonic and impersonation scams have been on the rise and we have a few safety tips to prevent you from being a victim of these type of crimes.

  • Be aware of how in depth your social media post may be.
  • Do not upload material with personal information or make private information about yourself public.
  • Law enforcement agencies will never call and ask for money, gift cards, cryptocurrencies, personal information or any form of payment over the phone, EVER!
  • Verify the validity of the caller by calling your local police station before taking any action.

If you have elderly parents/grandparents, extended family, friends etc. who live alone, please inform them and protect them from these predatory calls.

Don’t be a victim of a crime.