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Women’s History Month 768 960 SIB Staff

Women’s History Month

Today we would like to recognize #LASD Assistant Sheriff Limon, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our Department. #womenshistorymonth

Assistant Sheriff (A/S) Limon graduated from the Academy in 1989 and began her LASD career as a Line Deputy at Sybil Brand Institute for Women. In 1991, she transferred to Transportation Bureau where she was assigned as a bus driver.

In 1995, A/S Limon transferred to Norwalk Station (NWK). During her tenure at NWK, she worked as a Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer and a member of the COPS team. In 1999, A/S Limon promoted to Detective at Major Crimes Bureau, where she worked the Major Crimes Vice & Gaming Unit.

In 2001, A/S Limon was promoted to Sergeant. She served as a Line Sergeant at both North County Correctional Facility and Inmate Reception Center until moving to Pico Rivera Station in 2003 as a Field Sergeant and Watch Sergeant. In 2008, she moved to Emergency Operations Bureau as a Sergeant for the Tactical Planning Unit.

In 2010, A/S Limon promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Men’s Central Jail as the Watch Commander and Risk Management Lieutenant. A/S Limon transferred to Court Services Division where she served as an Area Lieutenant and Operations Lieutenant for Court Services East Bureau and an Area Lieutenant for Central Bureau. In 2015, A/S Limon returned to NWK station. While assigned there, A/S Limon served as a Watch Commander and the Whittier Service Area Lieutenant.

In December 2018, she was selected by Sheriff Alex Villanueva and promoted to the rank of Chief, where she was charged with overseeing Court Services Division. In early 2019 she promoted again, to the rank of Assistant Sheriff. In her current role, she oversees Countywide Operations, which includes Court Services, Special Operations, Countywide Services, Technology & Support Division, and Detective Division.

A/S Limon has received numerous awards and commendations over her career for her dedication to the Department and hard work displayed in the communities of Los Angeles County.

A/S Limon has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Whittier College and a Master’s Degree in Emergency Services Management from California State University, Long Beach.