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Person holding a cell phone; caller ID on screen says "Police"; the person is holding a credit card in their other hand
Scam Spoofing Apps Impersonating LA County Deputies 1024 1024 SIB Staff

Scam Spoofing Apps Impersonating LA County Deputies

Los Angeles County Sheriff – Scam Alert

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department would like to warn the public of phone call scammers Impersonating L.A. County Deputies using spoofing apps that show their number on the victim’s caller ID as the Sheriff’s office or local police agencies.

Los Angeles County continues to receive reports from residents receiving phone calls from scammers claiming to be a Sheriff’s office Sergeant, Lieutenant or personnel asking for payment for missing grand jury duty subpoena. The scammers will then ask for some type of electronic payment and threaten the callers with their arrest if their payment is not received.

Remember, if there is a warrant for your arrest, you will not receive a phone call from the Sheriff’s Office.

Stay informed by following the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Headquarters social media pages and your designated patrol station to help keep you up to date on crime trends and safety tips.

Tips on how to avoid falling victim to scam callers:

  • If you receive what seems to be a suspicious call, text, or email, verify the identity of the contact through an independent source such as an agency online website, online search engine or phone book directory.

Do not use the contact info provided by the caller on the message the scammers sent.

  •  Do not feel pressured by the threatening caller until you have verified their identity and story.  You can ask the caller for their name, employee identification number, callback number, and a reference number for the matter they are calling about. This information can be used to contact the organization directly to determine the validity of the request.
  • It’s OK to Hang UP especially if you suspect the call to be a scam.
  • Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department or any government agency would never ask for any type of payment over the phone or banking information.
  •  All financial transactions are typically handled in person at the courthouses and custody facilities. 
  • Never send money or give bank account details, or other personal information to anyone you don’t know or trust.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department urges the public to remain safe and reach out to your local law enforcement agencies  Stations | Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ( if you feel you have been a victim of these crimes.

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telephone and impersonation scams 1024 684 SIB Staff

telephone and impersonation scams

Telephonic and impersonation scams have been on the rise and we have a few safety tips to prevent you from being a victim of these type of crimes.

  • Be aware of how in depth your social media post may be.
  • Do not upload material with personal information or make private information about yourself public.
  • Law enforcement agencies will never call and ask for money, gift cards, cryptocurrencies, personal information or any form of payment over the phone, EVER!
  • Verify the validity of the caller by calling your local police station before taking any action.

If you have elderly parents/grandparents, extended family, friends etc. who live alone, please inform them and protect them from these predatory calls.

Don’t be a victim of a crime.