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Image of the Buena Park Police departent memorial of fallen officers. Bronze statue of a saluting officer, another officer on one knee presenting a folded flag to a little girl. all cast in bronze.
Deputy York honored by Buena Park Police Department 900 715 SIB Staff

Deputy York honored by Buena Park Police Department

LASD Deputy Shayne Daniel York honored by The Buena Park Police Department

There is no pain greater than losing your best friend or someone you love and admire.  It can leave behind a void in your life that seems impossible to fill and you are left with a broken heart for a lifetime.

For the last 24 years, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, along with his family, friends, and at the time his fiancée, have felt those exact emotions after losing Deputy Shayne Daniel York in 1997, when he was brutally murdered during a robbery in the city of Buena Park.

In a true act of brotherhood that exists in law enforcement, the LASD was humbled and appreciative to hear Deputy Shayne York was being memorialized by the Buena Park Police Department.

On Thursday, May 13, 2021, at approximately 9 a.m., the Buena Park Police Department unveiled a new Buena Park Police Department Fallen Officer’s Memorial site.

The memorial was created and dedicated to honor Buena Park’s Fallen officers: Detective Darrel “Bud” Cate, Corporal Tyler Matthew Pinchot, Officer Daniel Ryan Ackerman and Deputy Shayne Daniel York because he was murdered in the City of Buena Park.   

Family, friends, and law enforcement officers attended the memorial to remember our fallen heroes. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Honor Guard performed a 21 gun salute while Buena Park’s Police Honor Guard guarded the memorial.

Sergeant Roger Plumlee, President of the Buena Park Police Association and one of the collaborators of the memorial said, “When we unveil this memorial, we will see something very beautiful made of stone, granite and bronze. The symbolism of the memorial is to remind the community and all who see it, of the loss we have suffered and the loss the families have suffered and who continue to do it today. When I look out and see everyone in uniform, I see a living memorial and its incumbent on of all us to keep the memory of these four men alive and share their stories.”

Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who attended the ceremony, started his speech by thanking Buena Park Police Chief Corey S. Sianez, distinguished guests and the families of the fallen Police Officers in the audience. “It’s a touching tribute to the sacrifice of each and everyone one of them (fallen officers) and of you the families,” he said. “First and foremost you will always be in our thoughts and prayers; it’s a tribute we will never forget.  Everything we do is a testament to their sacrifice and everyone here standing in uniform, everyone doing the job runs the risk of losing their life. It’s a testament of just the difficulties of the job and the times we live in.”

Chief Corey S. Sianez said, “This unveiling could not have happened at a better time during National Peace Officers Memorial Week. The week set aside to remember and recognize those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. The names on this memorial represent not only those that have sacrifice their own lives, doing what they love to do and serving their communities, but also those that remember the Buena Park Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Family. We are brothers and we knew them well. Although you have not seen the memorial yet, but you will very soon. We designed it to reflect the diversity of our department.”

The memorial depicts a touching and embracing moment when police officers comfort a fallen officer’s child with the plaques engraved with the names of the fallen officers below it. The memorial reads, “Remembering Their Service, Honoring Their Sacrifice.”

Deputy Shayne York was brutally murdered on the night of August 14, 1997 in the city of Buena Park.  Deputy York and his fiancée, who was also a deputy, were both off-duty and unarmed. They were in a hair salon when two suspects stormed into the location and ordered everyone to lie on the floor as they took their purses and wallets.

When the suspects discovered a badge in Deputy York’s wallet, they immediately executed him by shooting him in the back of the head. Deputy York was rushed to the hospital where he died from his wounds. Both suspects were caught a short time later and were convicted for the murder of Deputy York.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department would like to send our sincerest thanks to the Buena Park Police Department for honoring our very own, Deputy Shayne York. The new memorial is a collaboration between Buena Park Police Department, Buena Park Police Association and the City of Buena Park. The goal of the new memorial is to capture the solemnity of the fallen officers but also the loss created from their ultimate sacrifice; leaving behind family, a law enforcement family and friends.

The new memorial stands directly in front of the Buena Park’s police station, and serves as a bitter reminder of the ultimate sacrifice police officers often take.

Ceremonial flame in front of the Memorial wall
Sheriff Hosts 51st Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony 600 750 SIB Staff

Sheriff Hosts 51st Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony

Sheriff Villanueva Hosts 51st Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony in Virtual, Streamed Event

Despite the circumstances of physical distancing due to COVID-19, the 51st annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony was observed, to pay tribute to law enforcement partners lost in the line of duty and formally enroll six new names to the memorial wall, located at the Sheriff’s Training Academy and Regional Services (STARS) Center in Whittier.

The Los Angeles County Peace Officers’ Memorial Wall was first dedicated on Friday, May 15, 1970 at Biscailuz Center Training Academy by Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess.  When the wall was first erected, there were 253 names on it; today, it displays 533.  It serves as a constant reminder that we owe these men and women for their noble sacrifice, a debt which can never be fully paid.  The wall is not just a place where we recognize the fallen, but where we also recognize and remember those they left behind.  It is as much in honor of our heroes, as it is for their loved ones who gave the full measure of their devotion and remind us of the sacrifice of the ones who meant so much to them.

Most recently and regrettably lost:

Officer Juan Jose Diaz

Los Angeles Police Department

E.O.W. July 27, 2019

Historical research determined five of the honorees died in the line of duty

between 1886 and 1996:

Deputy Coroner II Michael Anton Shepherd

Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office

E.O.W. April 2, 1996

Deputy Ames Randolph Jones

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

E.O.W. March 31, 1948

Deputy William Bouett

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

E.O.W. February 18, 1913

Deputy Constable Francis Marion Culp

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

E.O.W. June 10, 1906

Town Marshal Rudolph Bohn

Anaheim Marshal’s Office

E.O.W. September 1886

Although the ceremony was not attended by spectators, it was livestreamed on social media platforms so family members, current and law enforcement partners of the past, friends, and the public for whom these lost souls fought, could watch.  The ceremony opened with a traditional military-style drummer and bagpipe hymn, and attention to Colors with a solo accompaniment of our national anthem.

A moving invocation given by Chaplain Phil Reeves held four requests from our Lord, to stir our hearts and make us not only better peace officers, but more compassionate humans:

  • Bless us with discomfort when we see others suffer, so He may live deep within our hearts;
  • Bless us with anger at injustice, suppression and exploitation of people, so we may do His work for justice, freedom and peace;
  • Bless us with tears for those we lost, love and dearly miss, so He may heal the families they left behind and turn our pain into joy;
  • Bless us with enough foolishness, to believe that we can make a difference in the world.

Standing at a lectern next to the memorial flame, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore extended his appreciation for the ceremony on behalf of his agency and gave his assurance of support, “We stand with you each day, each watch, but also today, as we mourn those who have fallen.”  He recounted the circumstances surrounding the killing of Officer Juan Jose Diaz and lamented the debt of peace for his loss could never be repaid to his family or colleagues. 

Chief of Coroner Investigations, Brian Elias, Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner, recounted the loss of Deputy Coroner II Michael Anton Shepherd, who was remembered for his dedication, compassion and respect he showed to the families he served.  “As peace officers, we are unified in our dedication to perform our sworn duties, committed to a life of public service,” said Chief Elias. 

Sheriff Alex Villanueva thanked Chief Moore and Chief Elias for their attendance and kind words.  He conveyed his honor and privilege to learn the stories of the brave men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty, as the nation observes National Police Week.  He recounted why so many of us chose the law enforcement profession, “…when the outcome seems darkest, our ability to save lives, to change lives, to answer the call of those who need our help.  These are the reasons why we recommit ourselves to the oath we have sworn to uphold.”

The broadcast event concluded with a Missing Man helicopter flyover, bagpipe rendition of “Amazing Grace,” and images of the 2020 honorees and funerals for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. 

The ceremony was held during a unique, international epoch.  COVID-19 changed the traditional observance of the annual memorial service, but it did not stop us from recounting the memories and honoring the sacrifices of our brave men and women, and their families who lost so much.

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Deputies holding blue lights in front of capital at night



#LASD is proud to attend the So Cal California Peace Officers’ Memorial 2019 in Sacramento this week, along with many of our SoCal law enforcement partners to honor those who have fallen. Last Night, in Sacramento for the California Peace Officers Memorial, we stood in unison, collectively, to show dedication to the memory of those who have fallen.

The candles in our hands act as symbols; their light reminding us the spirit of our fellow fallen brothers and sisters will always shine bright, even in darkness. The California Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremonies are held the first week of May on the State Capitol grounds, at the California Peace Officers’ Memorial Monument in Sacramento. They serve to formally enroll peace officers who have died in the line of duty the preceding year, pay tribute to the over 1500 officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice since California became a state in 1850, and to honor the families left behind.

This year’s honorees are: Deputy Steven E. Belanger Los Angeles Co. Sheriff’s Department EOW: Feb 06, 2018 Officer Greggory Casillas Pomona Police Department EOW: Mar 09, 2018 Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle Marin County Sheriff’s Office EOW: Mar 15, 2018 Officer Kirk Griess CHP – Solano Area Office EOW: Aug 10, 2018 Deputy Mark Stasyuk Sacramento Co. Sheriff’s Department EOW: Sep 17, 2018 Sergeant Ron Helus Ventura Co. Sheriff’s Office EOW: Nov 08, 2018 Deputy Tony Hinostroza III Stanislaus Co. Sheriff’s Department EOW: Nov 25, 2018 Corporal Ronil Singh Newman Police Department EOW: Dec 26, 2018

Today, we at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department gather in the state’s Capitol to honor those fallen members of our beloved profession. They have paid the ultimate sacrifice ‘their lives’ in the service of others. We stand together to call their names for the world to hear during the 2019 California Peace Officer’s Memorial Enrollment Ceremony.

Hundreds of peace officers holding candle vidual
National Peace Officers Memorial Day 2019 400 400 SIB Staff

National Peace Officers Memorial Day 2019


In observance of #PeaceOfficersMemorialDay, we honor all peace officers across the United States who made the ultimate sacrifice, and laid down their lives while serving and protecting their communities. We also hold the families of those brave men and women in our hearts for the hardships they have faced after losing a loved one. We at @LASDHQ express our gratitude for the sacrifices made by these families.