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MET team deputy helping a homelss man in a wheelchair. there are three people from Vetran affairs talking to a man in a large white sun hat, he is dressed in a long sleeve gray shirt,the wheel chari has an orange backpack on the back, the homeless man is in his 60s.
LASD HOST Team at Venice Boardwalk 900 675 SIB Staff

LASD HOST Team at Venice Boardwalk

LASD Homeless Outreach Services Team on a Humanitarian Mission in Venice

Law enforcement personnel are often the first contact with those experiencing homelessness. For that reason, the Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) was created to exemplify the county’s efforts to combat homelessness and preserve public safety.  The LASD HOST’s mission is to positively impact the homeless crisis in the county while increasing public safety and preserving the rights and dignity of persons experiencing homelessness.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva visited the Venice Boardwalk recently and promised he would do everything he could to help the homeless community if local politicians failed to act regarding the homeless crisis. 

Two white easy ups with the words "City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks". There are tables set up underneith in the shade. Social workers are sitting and talking to over 4 homeless people who need various services.
Image of Veince boardwalk with large amount of trash falling out of trashcans, and rows all along the boardwalk of tents and make shift shelters. there are people jogging with dogs and playing
There are two shelters made of blankets on the sand next too the water. A woman is talking to a female deputy. there are other belongings next the the camp site. A life guard tower is visible just infront of the water's edge.

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021 the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homeless Outreach Services Team (LASD HOST), the Mental Evaluation Team (LASD MET) and the Veterans Affairs Administration, Venice Outreach workers and several other non-profit groups were on Venice Boardwalk assessing the humanitarian crisis in Venice.  

Homeless man in a floppy white sun hat sitting among a large amount of garbage and refuse on the Venice Boardwalk. The homeless man is in a wheel chair

Deputies and service workers were on scene contacting the homeless population on the Venice Boardwalk, connecting them with service providers who coordinate housing. In this exchange, we met Robert, a 76 year old Navy veteran, who has spent years living on the street. 

Our HOST (Homeless Outreach Services Team) has spent many days talking to Robert, building trust & understanding.  After long conversations in person, Robert had finally agreed to accept services from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. 

Image of a Deputy talking to a man that is walking out of a tent that is se tup among many other tents that are on the sand, the man is dressed in a short sleeve plaid red shirt with tan shorts, he is wearing aviator sunglasses. There is another man stanind next to the deputy holding bags fo items next to a bike.
A female Deputy is talking to a woman in a black shirt an paisly blue pants she is in a camp site among shelters made of large umbrellas and tarps, there are belongings strewn about the site and bikes laying on their side aswell as a spraypainted on parking sign,

LASD’s HOST (Homeless Outreach Services Team) & MET (Mental Evaluation) Deputies are the best at what they do showcasing everyday how leading with compassion & genuine concern makes a difference in solving this public safety crisis.

The LASD’s Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST) continues to assist those experiencing homelessness throughout the County. Los Angeles County has established subsidies to support our most vulnerable residents, and it has proven affordable and effective. The County is redoubling efforts to combat this issue, and as part of the county family, the Sheriff’s Department is as well.

Two Deputy sheriffs are talking to a man sitting in a lawn chair, the man in the chair is set up infront of a row of tents. There are bikes near the camp sites.

Through our contacts with thousands of homeless neighbors, HOST has earned a reputation for being compassionate, accountable, innovative, and bold.  HOST has transcended the role of traditional law enforcement.  For years, HOST has accomplished the mission with zero uses of force.   

Sheriff's Car in the parking lot of the Venice beach park. there are palm trees all around play areas and slides and swings.
Two deputies are looking over the venice beach from a grassy area that is in front of the sand, there is a black tent set up on the sand and beach towels on the beach with people playing on the sand.
LASD Homeless Outreach Services Team Assessing the Humanitarian Crisis at the Boardwalk in Venice, CA