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LASD Forensic Unit Forensic Artist Sandra Enslow 150 150 SIB Staff

LASD Forensic Unit Forensic Artist Sandra Enslow


Forensic Unit Forensics Artist Sandra Enslow

“My father was a cartoonist and I am a cartoonist (first, foremost and always). Cartooning and forensic art have many similarities – to work quickly, capture a likeness, make decisions and develop an image…

The Department’s Forensics Unit was established 63 years ago in 1956, one of the longest established forensic units in the nation. Lead Forensic Artist Ms. Sandra Enslow has been with the unit for over 27 years, she is an expert witness and a Fellow with the American Academy Sciences. Sandra Enslow has assisted with many cases including the Trinity Love Jones, Phil Spector and Michael Gargiulo case.

Ms. Enslow describes her job as the most rewarding job she has ever had. As a forensic artist she is able to assist victims, witnesses, survivors, family members, detectives and overall communities.