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LASD Forensic Unit Forensic Artist Sandra Enslow

LASD Forensic Unit Forensic Artist Sandra Enslow 800 170 SIB Staff

LASD FORENSIC UNIT FORENSIC ARTIST SANDRA ENSLOW Forensic Unit Forensics Artist Sandra Enslow “My father was a cartoonist and I am a cartoonist (first, foremost and always). Cartooning and…

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Chief Haselrig at CSUDH

Chief Haselrig at CSUDH 800 600 SIB Staff

CHIEF HASELRIG AT CSUDH Chief Lajuana Haselrig spoke to Criminal Justice classes at CSUDH yesterday and today. Sgt Vince Plair is an adjunct Professor at the school. Outstanding talk about…

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LASD Inmate Visiting at MEN’S CENTRAL JAIL Impacted by mumps

LASD Inmate Visiting at MEN’S CENTRAL JAIL Impacted by mumps 300 300 SIB Staff

LASD INMATE VISITING AT MEN’S CENTRAL JAIL IMPACTED BY MUMPS Inmate visiting will continue to be impacted at Men’s Central Jail due to several inmates being diagnosed with the mumps…

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graphic of The great shakeout event

The Great Shakeout

The Great Shakeout 900 900 SIB Staff

THE GREAT SHAKEOUT 300 miles away, on October 15, 2019, a 4.8 mag #earthquake hit Northern California. Now is the perfect time to prepare & participate in the #InternationalShakeOut drill on Oct 17th! Don’t…

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crime time Tuesday: suspect sentenced

crime time Tuesday: suspect sentenced 1024 1024 SIB Staff

CRIME TIME TUESDAY: SUSPECT SENTENCED #LASD #CrimeTimeTuesday Man Sentenced for Killing Woman and Hiding her Body in a Wall, Unincorporated #Lomita 37 year-old, Raven Campbell, missing since July 2009, will…

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Vintage image of Deputy and kids

LASD and Kids

LASD and Kids 900 900 SIB Staff

#ThrowbackThursday #LASD and Kids The #LASD deputy response spectrum varies from horrific violent crimes, fatal car accidents, domestic violence, resolving neighbor disputes, and welfare checks to just helping a parent…

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credit card over laptop

#FraudFriday-Credit Bureau scam

#FraudFriday-Credit Bureau scam 900 900 SIB Staff

#FraudFriday-Credit Bureau Scam We’ve all seen well known Credit Bureau Companies are being affected by data breaches. Wouldn’t you know it? People may have already started putting up fake websites…

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Vintage Search Rescue Pic



SEARCH AND RESCUE – TBT #ThrowbackThursday #LASD The Search and Rescue teams function as the Sheriff’s Department’s official emergency response unit. The unit provides services to those citizens who become…

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Impostor Posed #LASD Extort Money

Impostor Posed #LASD Extort Money 1024 683 SIB Staff

IMPOSTOR POSED #LASD EXTORT MONEY Between March, 2019 and April, 2019, an imposter posing as a Los Angeles County deputy sheriff stole thousands of dollars from numerous victims.  The imposter…

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#throwBackThursday 900 900 SIB Staff

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY #ThrowbackThursday LASD has a competitive athletic tradition. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Semi Annual “World Serious” & Sgt. Brian Wilson Memorial Softball Tournament is held twice a year…

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Graphic For Crime Time Tuesday 091019

Crime Time Tuesday: In Custody

Crime Time Tuesday: In Custody 960 960 SIB Staff

CRIME TIME TUESDAY: IN CUSTODY #CrimeTimeTuesday Investigation by #LASD & Help of Several Law Enforcement Agencies, ends in Prison for Kidnapping Suspect that Lead Police on Motorhome Pursuit An incident that started last…

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Throwback Thursday Image

#Throwbackthursday: lasd band

#Throwbackthursday: lasd band 900 900 SIB Staff

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: LASD BAND #Throwbackthursday #LASD As early as 1939, Sheriff Biscailuz established the Sheriff’s Boys Band. Today, the band is made up of professional musicians as well as avid amateurs…

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Great day this weekend at the LACounty Fair

Great day this weekend at the LACounty Fair 1024 683 SIB Staff

GREAT DAY THIS WEEKEND AT THE LACOUNTY FAIR #ICYMI Great day this weekend at #LACountyFair! Good food & Great people! The parade during the fair featured LASD personnel, including Sheriff Alex Villanueva,…

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#ThrowbackThursday LASD Crime Lab

#ThrowbackThursday LASD Crime Lab 900 900 SIB Staff

#ThrowbackThursday Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (#LASD) Scientific Service Bureau operates one of the largest full service crime laboratories in the United States.…

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Sheriff Villanueva Town hall meeting

Lomita Town Hall Meeting

Lomita Town Hall Meeting 500 500 SIB Staff

LOMITA TOWN HALL MEETING Residents of the city of #Lomita , come meet Sheriff Alex Villanueva for an evening of information and dialogue regarding your community concerns. Have your voice…

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