Sheriff Comments BOS Motion 57H

Sheriff Comments BOS Motion 57H 680 380 SIB Staff



Good Morning and thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share my voice with you and the community.

Regarding this motion, I can agree with two things; accountability and transparency are of the utmost importance. The facts show, I have been more transparent, more accountable, and have offered greater access to the members of our communities than any prior LA County Sheriff.

As you recall, SB 1421 now requires police agencies across the state to release documents that were once considered confidential. As a result, these requests have skyrocketed and the previous administration did not leave any infrastructure in place to meet the avalanche of requests. We requested funding for required compliance staffing and software on six separate occasions from the previous CEO, but were denied each time. Providing this funding will greatly increase the speed and efficiency of these requests.

Transparency and accountability do not come cheap, they are expensive. This is why I have fought so hard regarding budgetary issues. My vision for changing the organizational culture is much more difficult when we are forced to eliminate non-essential positions due to a lack of funding.

The vast majority of problems which have been raised regarding transparency and accountability can be easily solved with a new Memorandum of Agreement between the Sheriff’s Department and the Office of the Inspector General. I whole-heartedly commit to work with you in good faith to achieve this goal.

I request the Board direct the Inspector General to report back on all of the deputy involved shootings that he has participated in since 2014, at the inception of his office. His office has been in each walk-through with the homicide investigators. They’ve attended each Critical Incident Review. Every single Executive Force Review Committee. And, have received the entire deputy involved shooting packet that is provided to the Justice System Integrity Division of the District Attorney’s office. But we have never ever heard back from the Inspector General on a single one of these incidents. Which is important for us, because in case we’re doing something wrong, we need a different perspective, how we can improve, either our service to the community or the quality of our investigations, and to date, we have never received that. All that being said, we are a County family and when there is collaboration we can do great things. Case in point… Body Worn Cameras!

Before the Board votes on this motion, I urge each supervisor to meet with me privately. Let’s set aside the past and work out our differences. This is what good leaders do in trying times like these, because elected office is not about our own likes and dislikes, it is about the people we were elected to serve. I look forward to finding common ground we can all stand together on in the interest of public safety and fiscal responsibility.

Thank you for your time.