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Picture of hand painted sheriff's badge, painted on a white wall in the C R D F Jail. The words above read, "Visiting Center".

Reopening of Jail Visitations at CRDF

Update: LASD has expanded visitation to all facilities starting Saturday, June 5, 2021. More information here. LASD values the importance of visitation, and its role in family connectedness during this…

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SHERIFF’S COMMENTS – BOS Agenda Item 16 on 11/10/2020 Sheriff Alex Villanueva briefly discusses several accomplishements, to correct misinformation that is being shared related to the Board of Supervisors Meeting-…

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Audit Reports

Audit Reports The Audit and Accountability Bureau (AAB) conducts law enforcement performance audits consistent with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.  The AAB is authorized to audit any area of the…

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Custody – FAQ

FAQ - Custody Operations Frequently asked questions for custody operations and jail facilities. How do I find out an inmate's booking number?Call inmate information at (213) 473-6100. You will need the…

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Custody Main

Custody Operations Custody Operations is responsible for operation of the County’s Jail system and for the care, custody, security, and rehabilitation of all sentenced and pretrial inmates housed within the…

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Sheriff Discusses Underfunding, Understaffing

Sheriff Villanueva Discusses Underfunding and Understaffing, Both Dangerous for L.A. County Residents With overseeing the safety and security needs of more than ten million residents in Los Angeles County –the…

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