Lakewood Station Ride-Along Program

Application Instructions

NOTE: Lakewood Station ride-alongs are available to all authorized Deputy Sheriff Trainee (DST) applicants but ONLY to civilians who live in or work in one of the 5 cities serviced by Lakewood Station (Lakewood, Bellflower, Paramount, Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens).

1. Print the PDF files: Rules and Guidelines for Patrol Ride-along Program;a risk waiver; a personal information sheet; and an instruction sheet.

2. Complete the forms, signing and dating in the appropriate locations. Also, complete the personal information sheet. (A parent/guardian signature and witness on the risk waiver form is only required for applicants under 18 years of age and must be signed and witnessed in the presence of Lakewood Sheriff Station personnel.)

3. If you are a Deputy Sheriff Trainee applicant, attach a copy of your ride-along authorization memo, obtained from your Background Investigator, to the signed and dated documents described above.

4. Keep the copy of the instruction sheet titled “Applicant – Keep this Copy”. It will be discussed when you are called to schedule your ride-along.

5. Submit all other documents (signed and dated rules/guidelines document; signed and dated waiver form; personal information sheet; and DST authorization memo, if applicable) using one of the following methods (listed below in fastest method of receipt to slowest):

  • Bring the documents to Lakewood Sheriff Station and deliver them to Front Counter personnel.
  • Scan completed and signed documents, then email them to
  • Fax completed documents to 562-623-3599, along with a cover sheet to ATTN: Community Relations Office, x3521
  • Mail completed documents to Lakewood Sheriff Station, 5130 N. Clark Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712, ATTN: Community Relations Office x3521

Downloadable Forms

Agreement Assuming Risk – PDF:

Ride-Along Memo – PDF:

Personal Info Form – PDF:

Lakewood Ride-Along Participation Rules and Conditions – PDF:
Keep this Copy