lawsuit filed by Castellano

lawsuit filed by Castellano

lawsuit filed by Castellano 680 380 SIB Staff


October 6, 2022

The lawsuit filed by Allen Castellano is a regurgitation of the same false statements, omissions, mischaracterizations, and outright lies contained in other lawsuits recently filed by Robin Limon, Lajuana Haselrig, Vanessa Chow, and their attorney, Vincent Miller.  There is no new information contained within this claim, especially not an explanation as to why he and others so critically failed in the performance of their duties.  Failures of which he already received appropriate administrative action for.  What should be noted is Mr. Castellano did not sign his allegations under penalty of perjury. 

Attorney Vincent Miller is currently representing more than 15 frivolous lawsuits against the department, but rather than file all the related lawsuits at the same time, they have been strategically released over the last several months, in an effort to influence the outcome of the upcoming election, as well as breathe much needed life into his multitude of other failing lawsuits.  

Consistent with the well-established pattern and practice of Attorney Vincent Miller, this lawsuit contains wild and demonstrably false allegations on behalf of his client.  Allegations which were not signed under penalty of perjury, allowing them to provide the media with false statements to be turned into sensational headlines, yet avoiding accountability or prosecution when the allegations are later proven false during deposition or in court.  

We look forward to challenging this false narrative in court for what it is: an unlawful effort to coverup and avoid accountability.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva