Portrait of Captain Damon Jones in uniform, sitting infront of the American Flag

Damon A. Jones

Carson Sheriff's Station

(310) 830-1123
21356 S. Avalon Blvd. Carson, CA 90745

Serving the areas of: Carson, Unincorporated Rancho Dominguez, Unincorporated Torrance, Unincorporated Harbor City.

Carson Sheriff's Station

(310) 830-1123
21356 S. Avalon Blvd. Carson, CA 90745

Serving the areas of: Carson, Unincorporated Rancho Dominguez, Unincorporated Torrance, Unincorporated Harbor City.

Portrait of Captain Damon Jones in uniform, sitting infront of the American Flag

Captain Damon A. Jones

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The Gang Diversion Team (GDT) has been in existence since January 2006. The program is a collaboration of law enforcement and individual community based organizations that have been hand selected due to their reputations, credentials, and reliability.

The GDT develops intervention plans to assist gang members, at-risk youth, and their families in the greater Carson area who are serious about breaking their destructive cycle and getting their lives back on track. Recently, the Gang Diversion Team adopted an afterschool tutoring service program which takes place at the Carson Community Center.

This program will ultimately enhance the academic performance of struggling students and give youth a better understanding of the subject to reinforce their interest in education. The tutoring service is held every Tuesday from 4pm 6pm at the Carson Community Center. Please contact Deputy Noya for further details (310) 847-4018.

On behalf of the Carson Sheriff’s Station Support Foundation (CSSSF) and the men and women of law enforcement who serve the Carson community, we invite you to renew your membership or become a proud new member of the organization by submitting your membership dues for 2011-2012.

Only through the generous support of individuals and local businesses like you can the Foundation achieve its goal of supporting the sworn deputies, professional staff and volunteers of the Carson Sheriff’s Station.

Please know that your tax deductible contribution, combined with those of other Carson residents and corporate citizens, will help meet the needs of our local law enforcement and enhance the peace and safety in our city. A membership form is enclosed for your convenience.

Feel free to make copies for your friends, neighbors, and associates. The Foundation and the leadership of the Carson Sheriff’s Station, working together, will insure that your generous contribution will be used exclusively to support the men and women of Carson Sheriff’s Station.

Thank you for your consideration and should you have any questions or need additional information about the CSSSF or your membership, please contact Community Relations Staff: (310) 847-8386.

[501 (c) (3) IRS ID # is 86-1172056]

Please make checks payable to CSSSF Please mail to:

Carson Sheriff’s Station Support Foundation
21356 S. Avalon Blvd.
Carson, CA 90745

Attention: Membership Committee

What is a Sheriff’s Explorer?

The Law Enforcement Explorer program is a Sheriff’s Department youth-oriented program. It is affiliated with the special interest phase of the Boy Scouts of America.

Its primary purpose is to provide through actual experience, a means by which young men and women may determine if they would like to pursue a career in law enforcement.

The program also provides the Sheriff’s Department with additional human resources. It also opens an important avenue of understanding with an energetic, concerned society of young people.

Training: After acceptance into the program, initial training for our new explorers takes place at the Sheriff’s Academy, located at: 11515 South Colima Rd., Whittier.

The explorer academy consists of approximately 184 hours of instruction during 18-weeks of training on Saturdays.

Subjects covered include community relations, criminal law, firearms safety, narcotics control, police procedures and weaponless defense must be mastered.

The trainees are required to undergo drill and physical training, in addition to their classroom work.

Satisfactory completion of the academy earns the Deputy Explorer ten high school unit credits. In some cases, college credit can also be earned by post-graduation Academy involvement.

Who are we seeking?

To qualify for the position of Deputy Explorer, you must:

  • Be between the ages of 14-21
  • Have completed the 8th grade
  • Have at least a “C” or 2.0 grade point average on the last report card issued, if still in High School
  • Have no serious arrests or convictions
  • Shall not be on active probation

If you are interested, contact the Carson Station Explorer Coordinator at (310) 830-1123.

WE WANT YOU – Become a Volunteer

The Volunteer program consists of members from the community who have demonstrated a willingness to maintain a high quality of life in the area they live in. These individuals have assumed responsibilities that require them to achieve a higher level of public trust. Volunteers have an opportunity to learn about law enforcement, and with their unselfish acts of community service, help improve law enforcement services.

Volunteer Opportunities

The County of Los Angeles Volunteer program offers volunteers an opportunity to be involved with nearly every aspect of a station. Volunteers may choose to be a part of such traditional functions as:

Clergy Program – Clergy members in the community who ride with the deputies and assist in dealing with human crisis.

Front Desk – Volunteers work the station front counter in a Volunteer Uniform to greet the public and provide station services.

Clerical – Volunteers work in the station secretariat and assist with filing of reports and work under the direction of the secretaries.

Volunteers On Patrol – What is the V.O.P. Program? This program performs primarily nonhazardous duties, which are currently performed by patrol deputies. The program will therefore, allow patrol deputies to perform the more hazardous duties they have been trained to do. This helps our Department to better achieve its goal of serving the community. Volunteers work in volunteer vehicles in a volunteer uniform assisting in the field as additional eyes and ears in the community.

Some of the tasks V.O.P. members complete are:

  • Patrolling the community for criminal activity or safety hazards
  • Residential vacation checks
  • Park and school safety checks
  • Graffiti watch
  • Non-Hazardous directed patrol assignments
  • Requests from City/County services
  • Search for missing children
  • Exterior shopping mall checks
  • Fire watch
  • Traffic control
  • Foot/Vehicle patrol

Transit watch Experience Required:

VOP training is required and will be provided before field assignment. This includes volunteers in vehicles and foot patrols. To maintain the VOP’s skill and expertise, there is a minimum of 16 hours per month of deployment time is required. This requirement is for the safety of the volunteer and others around him or her and for liability issues for the Department and County.

Volunteers are not Deputy Sheriffs!

They do not place themselves in a position of danger. As a V.O.P. member, you will not carry any weapon and you are not expected to enter into a physical altercation with anyone. As a V.O.P. member, you will always work with at least one partner. This is for their safety as well as the safety and responsibility of the Department.

CERT Certified Volunteers – Volunteers who elect to respond to disaster areas and provide aid as directed by the Sheriff’s Department.

How to apply – Contact Carson Sheriff’s Station at (310) 830-1123. After you complete and sign the application, return it to Carson Sheriff’s Station (21356 S. Avalon Blvd. Carson, CA 90745).

The CAC is a community-based committee representing the unincorporated County areas served by Carson Sheriff’s Station. They work together to provide the Sheriff’s Department with local concerns and issues related to public safety in order to promote a true partnership between the community and law enforcement.