To apply for a Deputy Sheriff Trainee position, the following is required:

  • Be at least 19.5 years old to apply / no age maximum
  • A U.S. citizen or eligible resident alien awaiting citizenship application decision
  • A U.S. high school graduate or GED, or passed a U.S. high school proficiency test
  • Valid Class C driver’s license (Out-of-state applicants can use a valid license from their home state while filing, but will need a valid California Class C license at the time of hire)
  • Be in good physical condition and free from any medical conditions that would interfere with the responsibilities of a Deputy Sheriff
  • Have at least 20/70 vision in each eye, correctable to 20/30 with only minor hue impairment
  • No major hearing impairment (no more than 25 db loss in the better ear and 35 db loss in weaker ear)
  • No felony convictions or currently on probation; misdemeanors may be disqualifying, depending on the number, type of violation, and date of the violation
  • IV – Arduous Physical Class (Must be able to lift 25 lbs while bending, twisting or working on irregular surfaces and may require extraordinary physical exertion)


Additionally, a successful candidate will have these attributes to become a Deputy Sheriff:

  • Possess and demonstrate integrity
  • Demonstrated ability to use good judgment and problem solving
  • Capacity for empathy and compassion
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility
  • Ability to be resourceful and show initiative
  • Demonstrating assertiveness
  • Ability to work in a team environment

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Chief Laura E. Lecrivain has been a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Department) since 1995.  She oversees Countywide Services Division which includes the Community Partnerships, Community Colleges, Parks, and County Services Bureau.  Prior to her promotion to chief, she worked as a commander for Countywide Services Division and Custody Division. 

As a captain, Chief Lecrivain commanded the Twin Towers Correctional Facility (TTCF) where she was responsible for over 800 personnel and the care of 3,000 mentally ill inmates arrested in Los Angeles County (County).  The TTCF is the largest mental health facility in the United States and houses the County’s most severe mental health inmates.  

During her time on the Department, Chief Lecrivain had the privilege of working an array of assignments.  As a deputy, she worked Century Station patrol, detective bureau, and Operation Safe Streets (OSS).  Later, as a sergeant, Chief Lecrivain worked at the Men’s Central Jail, Compton Station, OSS, and Administrative Services Division.  Upon her promotion to lieutenant, Chief Lecrivain worked as a watch commander at Palmdale Station, and later at Compton Station.   

Chief Lecrivain is lifetime resident of Los Angeles County.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Management, and a Masters’ Degree in Leadership from the University of Southern California.  In her spare time, Chief Lecrivain enjoys spending time with her family and Dodger baseball.  She also loves reading and enjoys running.