The Application Process

Application Process

To make sure we’re getting the best applicants you must pass a number of exams and screenings. The full process to become a Deputy Sheriff Trainee can average between six and nine months.  The process can be shorter or longer, depending on the applicant.

Your path to success starts here:

  1. Complete and submit an online application and Supplemental Questionnaire.
  2. Take the Multiple Choice exam on one of our many testing dates. If you receive a passing score, you immediately advance to take the Validated Physical Ability Test.
  3. Take the Validated Physical Ability Test (VPAT).
  4. Complete the Structured Interview.
  5. Complete and submit a Web Personal History Statement (WEBPHS) online and upload Notarized Waiver.
  6. You will be assigned a Background Investigator, who will conduct a thorough background investigation.
  7. Complete a polygraph examination. Here is a video for the Polygraph Examination, to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  8. Schedule and complete a Jail tour and patrol station ride-along.
  9. Your completed background case will be submitted for an Administrative Review.
  10. Complete a psychological evaluation, which includes a four hour written test and a meeting with a psychologist.
  11. Complete a medical examination, to evaluate your physical ability to perform the duties of a Deputy Sheriff.
  12. Pre-Academy Consultation with the Captain of Personnel Administration Bureau, prior to the start of the Academy.
  13. Assigned to an Academy.
  14. Attend the POST certified 20 week Academy at one of our three locations: East Los Angeles, Valencia, or Whittier.

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