Validated Physical Ability Test

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Validated Physical Ability Test 
For Deputy Sheriff Trainee



The Validated Physical Ability Test (VPAT) is designed to evaluate applicants’ capabilities in relation to the physical demands of the Academy and the Patrol Deputy position.

  • Applicants should wear comfortable workout clothing such as shorts or sweats, running shoes, and a t-shirt.
  • Applicants should use the bathroom facilities before entering the testing location.
  • Applicants should bring bottled water because they will not be permitted to leave the testing area.

The Validated Physical Ability Test is comprised of the four tests described below. Applicants must pass the pre-Academy physical ability test in order to be eligible to enter the Academy.


The Validated Physical Ability Test uses a cumulative scoring system.  There is no minimum score required for any event.  All four tests are totaled for a pass or fail.

This means that if you are weaker in one event, but stronger in another, you can still pass the VPAT.  We recommend concentrating on OVERALL physical fitness.

1. Push-Ups Test

The Purpose of this test is to determine arm strength utilizing a one (1) liter bottle. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and feet together. With each push-up, keep your back straight while you raise and lower your body. Your chest must touch the bottle in the down position, and elbows must be fully extended in the up position. The score will be the number of correctly performed push-ups in one minute.

2. 75-YARD RUN

The purpose of this test is to complete a short distance simulation of a foot pursuit as fast as possible. The 75-Yard Run requires the applicant to run 75 yards, make several turns during the run, and jump over several curb-like obstacles. The score will be computed based on the time it takes to complete the run.


The purpose of this test is to evaluate abdominal strength by performing sit-ups, as many as possible, for one minute. The sit-ups must be performed with knees flexed to a 45 to 75 degree angle, feet flat on the floor, heels placed about 12 to 18 inches from the buttocks, and arms crossed over the chest. A test administrator will hold the applicant’s feet to the floor. The score will be computed based on the number of correctly performed sit-ups in one minute.


This test evaluates cardiovascular endurance and involves running a series of laps between two lines 20 meters apart.

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