eHire is our electronic backgrounds processing system.  Currently only the Deputy level positions are using it.  Below are videos that show how to use the eHire system.

eHire Invite Email

To access eHire you must receive an invitation email. You get this email once your passing written test result has been processed in our system. It is recommended you use the links from your invitation emails as it will pre-fill out all the required fields for you. We also recommend you white list or add to safe senders in your email the email addresses and You can do an internet search to see how to do that for your email provider.

WebPHS Start

Accessing the Web Personal History Statement (PHS) requires you to be active in the eHire system. This video shows how to use the links in the emails you receive to access the Web PHS.

WebPHS Save

Saving a draft of a Web PHS section is easy and recommended to be done frequently. This video shows how to save a draft of your Web PHS sections and how to retrieve them after you have saved. Make sure you type your email address and password correctly. There is a password reset function, but if you type your email address incorrectly we have no way to change it for a draft. If you are not able to recover a draft you have saved, we can only reset a section for you to start over. Simply use the link at the bottom of an email we have sent you or email to have us reset it for you. Remember to include your App ID (EH#########).

PHS Confirmation Email

After the Web PHS is complete there are more documents you will gain access to in the eHire system. This video shows your next steps in eHire after you have completed all 3 sections of the Web PHS.

If you need additional help with the eHire system, email and be sure to include your AppID (EH#########) in the email so we can better help you.  Be as detailed and specific in your request as possible.

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