The Academy

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Academy is known as one of the best law enforcement training facilities in the World.

The Recruit Training Unit is comprised of a staff of Deputies who possess a high level of patrol experience, Field Training Officer experience, and an incredible ability to teach and train.  

The Recruit Training Staff leads, mentors, and counsels recruits through a rigorous 22-week POST certified Academy Program, as well as an 8-week Standard and Training for Corrections, certified Custody Assistant Academy program.  The training program encompasses intense physical training, conditioning, defensive tactics, leadership, criminal law, law enforcement tactics, vehicle operations, weapons training, policy and procedures.

The Recruit Training Unit trains recruits from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Department as well as from police departments throughout Los Angeles and neighboring Counties.     

Academy Highlights

Mental and Physical Preparation

The 22-week academy can be a transformative time.  It will be one of the most mentally and physically challenging experiences of your life, that you will look back on with great pride.

Defensive Tactics

In the Academy, you will learn basic defensive tactics from experts in the field.  This foundation will help you improve your abilities throughout your career.

Weapons Training

The Academy will provide expert instruction and hands-on training in the safe use and maintenance of a variety of weapons.

Emergency Vehicle Operations

You will receive practical, behind the wheel instruction on the safe operation of emergency vehicles.

Practical Applications

Recruits will learn to handle a variety of situations through training and practice.


Recruits will make academic study a part of their everyday routine in the Academy.

Graduation and the Future

The first milestone in every deputy’s career, leads to many exciting opportunities.

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