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Sheriff Robert Luna at a podium
LASD Readiness: Historical Hurricanes Impacting the County of Los Angeles 1024 819 SIB Staff

LASD Readiness: Historical Hurricanes Impacting the County of Los Angeles

Today, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) discussed its preparations for the impending Hurricane Hillary. The department expresses gratitude for the presence of its partners and emphasizes their readiness for the storm.

Sheriff Robert Luna urges the public, ” Please listen to your news as closely as possible for the next several days. Please have an emergency plan and check on your family and friends who are in impacted areas.”

Hurricane Hillary is expected to bring severe weather conditions, including heavy rain, flash flooding, strong winds, storm surge, rough seas, and potential tornadoes. It is predicted to weaken to a tropical storm by the time it reaches the California coast on Sunday evening into Monday.

LASD has been actively coordinating with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management and other county departments to ensure the community’s safety. They have mobilized search and rescue teams, swift water rescue personnel, and rescue aircraft on standby, with additional teams scheduled for deployment. The department’s operations center will manage and coordinate all resources during the storm.

LASD is committed to informing the public through the Sheriff’s Information Bureau, providing updates and preparedness messages. They encourage residents to follow LASDHQ on social media and sign up for emergency alerts for Los Angeles County. Additionally, LASD is collaborating with homeless outreach partners to assist the homeless population in riverbeds, particularly considering the impending storm.

Efforts are underway to assess and communicate potential dangers in riverbeds, and LASD will work closely with local law enforcement to address any issues. The department is also in contact with police chiefs throughout Los Angeles County to ensure effective communication and coordination.

The LASD’s reserve forces, mounted enforcement detail, community-oriented policing teams, and mental evaluation teams will assist with security checks along riverbeds and waterways. On Catalina Island, the Avalon station collaborates with various agencies to ensure community safety, including evacuation routes, rescue plans, and medical support.

“This is really all hands-on deck effort,” said Fourth District, Board of Supervisors, Janice Hahn. Hahn continued to express her concern for the well-being of the unhoused, ” Our Homeless Initiative Teams, in collaboration with our Sheriff’s Department and Public Works, are reaching out to them.”

The LASD and other county departments are working together to inform and prepare the community for the impending storm, hoping to minimize damage and prevent loss of life. They emphasize the importance of staying informed through official channels, having an emergency plan, and checking on loved ones in high-impact areas.

Kevin McGowan from the Office of Emergency Management emphasizes the importance of being prepared, “It distills down to get ready, sign up for alerts, and make a plan.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stands ready to serve the County of Los Angeles and neighboring counties as needed and urges residents to stay vigilant and prepared in the coming days.

To sign up for alerts for the County of Los Angeles, go to the following link:

Sheriff Luna at a poduim with District Attorney Gascon, and Supervisor Janice Hanh in the background
Sheriff Luna Announces Arrest of Violent Robbery Suspects 1024 512 SIB Staff

Sheriff Luna Announces Arrest of Violent Robbery Suspects

On Friday, August 18, 2023, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna; Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón; Michael Hoffman, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm’s Los Angeles Division; and Esther Lim, Justice Deputy for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis, came together following an extensive and intricate investigation that spanned multiple jurisdictions to disclose the arrest of two suspects believed to be connected to the purse-snatching viral video in Hacienda Heights.

The robbery, which took place on August 14, 2023, involved a male suspect who had forcibly dragged an elderly woman across a sidewalk by her purse before seizing it and fleeing the scene. Multiple jurisdictions had been involved in this exhaustive and complex investigation that culminated in the arrest of the suspects. Law enforcement officials, including detectives from the Sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau, were present to provide additional information about the investigation and the successful apprehension of the suspects.

The LASD’s Major Crimes Bureau—Burglary Robbery Task Force has maintained a strong partnership with the Orange County Violent Crimes ATF Task Force for over 11 years, emphasizing a shared commitment to public safety and crime prevention.

On Monday, August 14, 2023, the Orange County ATF task force collaborated with the LASD Major Crimes Bureau Burglary—Robbery Task Force to address a series of violent robberies targeting primarily Asian victims in the Rowland Heights and Hacienda Heights areas. Over three months, this criminal crew is believed to have committed three purse snatch robberies against female victims and robbed a male victim of his wallet. The crew’s manner of working was forcefully seizing victims’ purses. During one of these incidents, a suspect resorted to firing a pistol into the air while struggling with the male victim.

In an unexpected turn of events during the joint task force meeting, investigators were alerted to another recent violent robbery that had taken place in the Hacienda Heights vicinity. The violent video footage depicted an elderly Asian woman being subjected to a forceful theft, wherein a male suspect dragged her along the pavement in an attempt to take her purse. The suspect wrestled the purse from her grasp, escaping into a waiting vehicle that sped away. The victim sustained several injuries, including scrapes, bruises, and a possible concussion.

Major Crimes detectives worked tirelessly, successfully identifying the two suspects as 19-year-old Russell Hardy Jr. and 19-year-old Cameron DeShawne Perry, both residents of Los Angeles.

Russell Hardy Jr., who served as the getaway driver, was apprehended late Wednesday evening in Los Angeles. Shortly after that, Cameron DeShawne Perry, the suspect responsible for dragging the elderly victim, was arrested Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles. The collaborative efforts of the Major Crimes Bureaus’ Burglary-Robbery Taskforce and the United States Marshal’s Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Taskforce ensured these suspects’ swift and safe apprehension.

The diligent teamwork, effective collaboration, and unwavering professionalism displayed by all parties involved contributed to the prompt identification and apprehension of the suspects. The exceptional investigative work conducted by the detectives working on this case augments the possibility of a successful prosecution against two violent individuals who have instilled fear in innocent Los Angeles County residents.

Sheriff Luna expressed his feelings regarding the brutal attack, “This is an assault on our entire community.”

The charges against the suspects include a range of counts, encompassing 1st Degree Robbery, 2nd Degree Robbery, Attempted 2nd Degree Robbery, and Elder Abuse. The Burglary Robbery Task Force remains committed to assisting in any further investigations that could link these suspects to additional robberies within Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon addressed the residents from the Los Angeles County, “No one in our community should have to leave their home in fear that they will be robbed and assaulted while running errands,”

This incident underscores the significance of cross-jurisdictional partnerships in enhancing community safety. The collaborative endeavors facilitated by the Orange County ATF Violent Crimes Task Force have yielded substantial results in addressing various state and federal investigations over the years. These endeavors have encompassed confronting challenges such as a violent 7-11 serial murder-robbery crew, a Southern California gun store burglary ring, a series of violent high-end jewelry and watch store robberies, and numerous other high-profile, high-risk investigations.

The enduring partnership between the LASD and the Orange County ATF Violent Crimes Task Force has proven to be a resounding success for Los Angeles County and the surrounding cities. The dedicated investigators of the Orange County ATF Violent Crimes Task Force exemplify tenacity and professionalism, and the Department highly values their contributions.

Janice Hahn of the Fourth District on The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has emphasized that prioritizing public safety remains her foremost concern. She further emphasizes, “It is our responsibility and obligation to keep the residents of LA County safe.”

In the face of criminals who recognize no boundaries, collaboration remains an indispensable cornerstone of our collective safety. All agencies will continue to maintain a safer environment for all by working together.

Sheriff star announcement of news conference
Sheriff Robert Luna discusses Palmdale Use of force incident from july 14, 2022 1024 552 SIB Staff

Sheriff Robert Luna discusses Palmdale Use of force incident from july 14, 2022

Statement from Sheriff Robert Luna regarding a Palmdale Use of Force

One year ago tomorrow, on July 13, 2022, just prior to midnight, Palmdale Station deputies conducted a traffic stop after seeing a car driving at night without headlights. During the traffic stop, deputies smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle. There were also four females and three infants in the vehicle. The infants were being held in the arms of the mothers without the use of child car seats.

As a result, deputies on scene made the discretionary decision to arrest the passengers and the driver for felony child endangerment. The male driver was also arrested for driving suspended license and driving under the influence of alcohol. Additional deputies and a supervising sergeant arrived to assist with the traffic stop.

During the arrests of the females a use of force occurred on two of the women to affect the arrest and gain control of the infants. One of these uses of force involved a mother and her three-week-old infant, who was refusing to let go of her child. During the encounter a deputy punched the female twice in the face.

This use of force was assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau for an investigation shortly after the incident.
The event was captured on the deputies Body Worn Camera, and we have released the video today, in accordance with our commitment to transparency.

As your Sheriff, I want to speak clearly and directly to our community about this incident. I found the punching of the woman in these circumstances unacceptable. While this incident occurred one year ago, before my term as Sheriff began, I took swift action upon learning of this incident several days ago. I must note that state law precludes me from disclosing disciplinary actions taken in this matter.

I directed our Professional Standards Division to refer this incident to the District Attorney for criminal consideration. The Los Angeles FBI Office will also looking into this matter.

I have spoken with local elected officials, along with community and religious leaders, to discuss this incident.

Even during our most difficult moments – we must continue to work together as a community to build bridges, to have those painful and candid conversations. And that is my commitment, so we can establish public safety and public trust for this Department.

I have said it before, and I will repeat it again; the vast majority of our deputies and professional staff are doing incredible work on behalf of the 10 million residents of Los Angeles County. I remain in awe of the professionalism, commitment, and courage shown by members of our Department each and every day.

I was elected as Sheriff to keep our communities safe, and to bring new leadership and accountability to this department. And that’s exactly what we will do. My goal is to ensure services are respectful, empathetic, and constitutional.

That is our standard – which is what Los Angeles County deserves from this Department.

Temple Station Deputies Save two Teens with Narcan 150 150 SIB Staff

Temple Station Deputies Save two Teens with Narcan

Image taken from body-worn camera footage of the rescue, showing deputies Duran, Cuevas, and Lopez administering Narcan to the two teenage boys.
Image taken from body-worn camera footage of the rescue, showing deputies Duran, Cuevas, and Lopez administering Narcan to the two teenage boys.

Two teenagers are alive today, thanks to Deputy Sheriffs assigned to Temple Station and Narcan.

On the evening of November 3, 2022, Deputies Duran, Cuevas, and Lopez responded to the 700 block of Betty Hill Drive, in the city of Duarte regarding a medical distress call. The call stated two 17-year-old teenagers were not breathing, and the family screaming for help could be heard in the background.

Deputies Duran, Cuevas, and Lopez were the first units to arrive at the residence. They found two teenage boys lying on a bedroom floor, unresponsive, with family members performing CPR. The Deputies immediately assessed both teenagers and saw they were not breathing. Believing the teenagers ingested Fentanyl or another type of opioid drug, the deputies administered three doses of Naloxone, also known as Narcan, to each teenager while simultaneously administering live-saving first aid/CPR. 

Within minutes, both teenagers began breathing, and Deputies were able to locate a pulse. Upon the arrival of the LA County Fire Department, both teenagers were transported to a hospital, where they were treated and subsequently released to their parents. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, “If not for the swift, decisive action of these deputies, both young men would have become lives claimed by the opioid pandemic.”  

In the body-worn camera footage, depicted below, you can see the deputies arrive and effect the rescue.

Fentanyl is a pharmaceutical drug created to help patients with pain management. It is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroin. 

Fentanyl is one of the most dangerous and deadly substances ever produced. Illicit drug manufacturers and distributors discovered Fentanyl offers a very effective replacement filler or supplement to street-level drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

The best way to help combat the Fentanyl drug problem is through awareness and education. #LASD asks that you please take the time to educate your children and loved ones on the dangers of not just Fentanyl but all drugs! Remember, one wrong choice can cost you your life.  For more information on research, training, and topics about drug abuse, visit