Assistant Sheriff Bruce D. Chase Biography

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Assistant Sheriff Bruce D. Chase Biography

Assistant Sheriff Bruce D. Chase Biography 800 170 SIB Staff
Portrait of Assistant Sheriff Brendan Corbett in uniform.

In 1989, Chase graduated from the Academy and began his law enforcement career working in various custody facilities before going to patrol at both Lakewood and Century stations.  He also served at the Narcotics Bureau and at Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB).

When he promoted to sergeant in 2005, Chase served at Marina Del Rey station and as part of the Crime Impact Team at the Community Oriented Policing Bureau (COPS) before returning to SEB.  There, he was responsible for oversight of the Special Enforcement, Special Weapons, Canine Services and Emergency Services details.  In 2009, he transferred to the Office of the Sheriff, managing security for the Sheriff.

As a lieutenant, Chase worked in Custody Division on a management taskforce regarding misconduct allegations within the jails.  He also played a significant role in rewriting the Department’s Use of Force policy.  He returned to SEB in 2013 as SWAT commander, overseeing the units responsible for crisis situations, hostage rescues, armed/barricaded suspects and dignitary protection.  He was also the Operations lieutenant before returning to Custody Division as an Executive Aide, responsible for administrative oversight of the Division.

Chase promoted to Captain in 2018, overseeing the Custody Compliance & Sustainability Bureau, devoted to working with federal monitors and civilian oversight entities to ensure compliance with federal court settlement agreements effecting custody facilities. He also managed the newly formed Access to Care Bureau, ensuring adequate medical and mental health treatment for inmates.

In early 2019, Chase promoted to Chief, overseeing Custody Division’s General Population before promoting again to Assistant Sheriff of Custody Operations.  In April of 2021, he became the Assist Sheriff of Patrol Operations, overseeing the Department’s 23 patrol stations.

Chase has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the College of William and Mary and was inducted into the International Collegiate Honor Society.  In the course of his career, he has traveled throughout the country to provide tactical training to various agencies, including military personnel preparing for deployment.  He has received numerous awards and recognition, including Distinguished Service and Meritorious Service awards, and commendations for his efforts in multiple life-threatening situations.

Chase comes from a family with a history of both law enforcement and military service, his father and brothers all having served in various capacities.  He currently resides in the South Bay of Los Angeles with his wife of 22 years and two teenage children.