d> Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Our Mission, Creed, and Core Values

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is the largest sheriff's department in the world.

The Department is divided into four main operations. Within the main operations of Custody Operations, Patrol Operations, Countywide Services and Administrative & Professional Standards there are an additional subgroups of thirteen divisions, each headed by a Division Chief.

From within these divisions are bureaus and specialized units that provide specific services to the county, the county residents, other county, state and federal agencies.

Our Mission:

- to enforce the law fairly and within constitutional authority;
- to be proactive in our approach to crime prevention;
- to enhance public trust through accountability;
- to maintain a constitutionally sound and rehabilitative approach to incarceration;
- to provide a safe and secure court system;
- to maintain peace and order;
- and to work in partnership with the communities we serve to ensure the highest possible quality of life.

Our Creed:

My goals are simple, I will always be painfully honest, work as hard as I can, learn as much as I can and hopefully make a difference in people's lives.

Deputy David W. March EOW April 29, 2002

Our Core Values:


With integrity, compassion, and courage, we serve our communities-- protecting life and property, being diligent and professional in our acts and deeds, holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions at all times, while respecting the dignity and rights of all.

Earning the Public Trust Every Day!