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policy and procedures

ADA and Accessibility

ADA - Accessibility Information for Persons with Disabilities It is the goal of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide accessibility to its facilities, programs, webpages and services for…

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Public Complaint Policy

Public Complaint Policy Public trust is vital to our mission, and rests on Department responsiveness to community needs and expectations. To foster public confidence in the Department and to promote…

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Carry a Concealed Weapon Licensing - CCW Attention New and Renewal ApplicantsLASD is now accepting CCW initial and renewal applications online! Please note, if you are a first-time applicant, you…

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The Academy

The Academy The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Academy is known as one of the best law enforcement training facilities in the World. The Recruit Training Unit is comprised of…

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Still image from Body Camera Footage of Deputy writing ticket to a woman inside a car. The Woman is holding up her phone showing the Deputy something on the screen. The image details have been blured to protect the woman's personal information and Identity.


SAN DIMAS TRAFFIC STOP April 23, 2021 Recently, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy assigned to San Dimas station was involved in a traffic stop that was caught on…

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Audit Reports

Audit Reports The Audit and Accountability Bureau (AAB) conducts law enforcement performance audits consistent with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.  The AAB is authorized to audit any area of the…

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Careers Main

Apply Now LASD CareersThe Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is searching for qualified individuals looking to begin their career in the diverse field of law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff.…

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Luis standing next to sheriff luna. Luna is in uniform.

LASD says Farewell to Coro Fellow Luis

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was selected as a government sectorplacement for the current class of Coro Fellows (  As a placement location, the Department was…

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Civilian Oversight

Civilian Oversight The Office of Inspector General (OIG)The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is authorized by County Ordinance 6.44.190 “to promote constitutional policing and the fair and impartial administration…

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Body-Worn Camera

Body Worn Camera Unit FAQ The History of Body-Worn Cameras in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentThe purpose of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s (Department) body-worn camera program is…

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